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Novel food supplements encapsulation method

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This Ukrainian company developed and set up a production of food supplements with the new method of shell coverage. This technology helps to increase the effectiveness of supplements through better control of the shell dissolution process. The company distributing its products only in Ukraine and it is now ready to open new markets in Europe. The company offers its technology to other manufacturers of biological additives and want to establish manufacturing agreements.



This Ukrainian company is actively involved in the creation and distribution of food supplements developed a new method of shell coverage for supplements that are not destroyed in the stomach, made from natural ingredients and ensuring the safety of the contents. The release of the active substance occurs directly in the intestine. When using bifido or lactobacilli, they remain alive and colonized in the intestine.
The company can use this coverage for the different type of supplements to enhance its efficiency.
The manufactory is set up in Ukraine and can arrange delivery to the countries of the European Union. SME offers this technology for a wide range of bioactive supplements (fatty acids + peptides; mink oil elastin and collagen; extract of seaweed; natural minerals; vegetable oils and extracts; essential oils, etc.) and interested in signing manufacturing agreement.

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Products using a new type of shell provides the following advantages: - controlled time and place of dissolution in the human digestive system. - the product ensures the integrity of useful active substances, bifidobacteria, lactic acid bacteria. - thermostability. - can be easily modified (if necessary) and applied to any type of supplements.

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Company is searching for a partner, better a small or medium company, who interested in usege a new coating technology for theire production. Production is proposed to be established in Ukraine with the subsequent delivery to the partner country, but the application of technology at the partner's manufacture is also considered. The target groups to be services are pharmacies, nutritionists, physicians and fitness studios.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,SME 51-250