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Novel smart management algorithms for integration and control of renewable and energy storage systems in distribution power networks.

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A Spanish research institute, focus on renewable energy, has developed novel smart management algorithms and services for distribution power networks. The algorithms introduce more flexibility for achieving energy balance in the networks, open the field for creation of new planning and operational services, demand response schemes and promote the integration of renewable and energy storage systems. They are interested in service and commercial agreements with technical assistance.



Further deployment of renewable energy technologies and decarbonization of energy sup-plymix in electricity networks are both pending on a consensual solution for a series of complex legal, economic and technical issues. This fact underlines the importance of an introduction novel flexible power network architectures and develop new network management algorithms.
The Spanish research institute focusing on the electricity network management has developed smart management algorithms for control of distribution networks:
• Energy management algorithms for providing more flexibility required for reaching energy balance in all principal subsystems the form electricity networks - generation, distribution, and consumption. Centralized and decentralized control architectures, real-time measurement and control, more intensive use of energy storage systems are some of the solutions proposed and implemented.
• Creation of new energy demand-aware services and demand response schemes for final energy users, network operators and energy providers. Development of new power network models that include both dynamic and stochastic properties for the connected network devices is one of the principal tasks.
• Integration of energy storage to electricity networks. Various scenarios on how distributed energy storage devices (including electric vehicle battery storage) can be used to contribute to network control, increase capture from intermittent energy sources and provide vehicle charging are investigated.
• Electrical energy conversion and power interfaces. Power electronics converters emulating operation and dynamics of real distribution feeders, generators, and load profiles provide the testing environment for development and implementation of algorithms for future power networks. The system optimization targets can be then flexibly changed to match any power
network scenario and verify the control criteria set.

The main market application sectors are:
• New demand-aware services for distribution system operators (DSOs), retailers and final users.
• Demand response schemes for the industrial and residential sector.
• Proactive management of distribution networks.
• Power electronics applications flexible AC transmission system (FACTS), high-voltage direct current (HVDC), Active filters, Energy storage etc.
The institute is looking for companies in the above market sectors for services agreement for the further development of renewable energy technologies and commercial agreement with technical assistance to provide applications to the energy market.

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• Real-time proactive algorithms for energy management of both distribution power networks and final consumers. • Energy-aware services for DSOs and final energy users offering state of the art estimation of distribution power networks, power flow analysis, and demand response schemes. • Demand-aware services for final energy users offering a closer link with energy retailers and achieving energy and cost reduction. • Advanced control algorithms for power electronic interfaces. • Possibility to test management algorithms in real-time and by using real power.

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The institute is looking for services agreement and commercial agreement with technical assistance with: • Distribution network operators and energy retailers interested in development and testing active network and demand management algorithms. • Companies interested in integration of renewable and storage technologies. • Companies developing power electronics equipment interested in research, development and implementation of converter control strategies.

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