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A novel underfloor swing door operator

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A UK company has developed, patented and brought to the market a compact underfloor swing door operator that is genuinely waterproof according to IP67 standard and that only incorporates 24V within the floor unit. The new operator is safer, easier to install and has proven to work for at least 5 years with no recalls. Installers of door systems are sought for commercial agreements with technical assistance. Possibilities also exist for manufacture under licence agreements.



We all know automatic swing doors from shops, office blocks, etc as shown in the Picture.
They come with sensors for access control, and a drive or operator, which is commonly an obtrusive transom mounted unit.
Although such things have been on the market for many years, there is certainly scope for improvement. For example, with all the modern glass facades, architects often want to bring the operator under the floor and make it invisible (also, more quiet).
An East of England company has re-engineered such an operator and have taken out a UK patent on it.
The new design overcomes the known problem of water accumulating in the casing by making it waterproof according to IP67 rating.
Another advantage is maintaining mains 240V power remotely from the floor drive, leaving only a 24V within the floor unit, making it a lot safer for service and maintenance for example. It is very quiet and can be used in low energy requirements. A monitored battery backup is also available.
Great care has been taken towards improved ease of installation. First, a cradle or casing is built into the floor during construction. If needed, the installation can quickly be surveyed or changed. Having said that, the operator has installations starting from 5 years ago and there hasn’t been a single recall. The company has amongst others already supplied to a UK based world leading installer of doors and door openings.
The operator can also be retrofitted in which case the maximum leaf weight can increase above the specified 150 kg.
The operator works with all EN16005 compliant safety sensors.
The UK company now seeks commercial agreements with technical assistance throughout Europe, with automatic door installers. As the product is new, the UK company will provide the necessary training to the engineers. As volumes grow in new territories, the company may be open to license out the technology for local manufacturing.

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The product is the only one that is IP67 rated for water resistance, for underfloor installation. It is the only one that comes with a 24V power demand in the floor box. The operator works with all EN16005 compliant safety sensors. The advantages are: - Ease of installation; - Ease of maintenance; - Very quiet and aesthetic (concealed).

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Already on the market

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Type of partner sought: industry. Specific activity of partner: installation of automatic doors; manufacture of doors. Role of partner sought: to introduce the product in new territories under commercial agreements with technical assistance. Door manufacturers are sought to manufacture under license, once market channel(s) have been established.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250