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NZ based developer of open source energy management solutions designed for the distributed energy sector seeks distributors in new markets

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A NZ based SME has developed a proven energy management software platform. It is comprised of a client-side unit, a cloud-based app server and a stand-alone analytics app server. It integrates with; solar inverters, kilowatt-hour meters, lithium storage units, industrial switches etc. Customers can use the platform to deliver customised, reliable energy services under their own brand. The developer is seeking distributors in the energy distribution or energy supply and retail sectors.



While Energy Management is recognised as something all companies desire, SMEs have difficulty finding a solution that works with their business size and scale.Too often the solutions available are either expensive and complex to set up, or too basic to be relevant.This makes it hard for SMEs to get benefit from the growing niche of energy providers that offer renewable energy products and services. Also, the providers often lack a comprehensive information platform that they can retrofit under their own brand to help their clients customised energy management. As companies recognise the importance of energy management they will require a platform that integrates their business into these smart grids.

This NZ based company has developed a cloud-based energy management suite that gives SMEs a holistic view of their energy use as well as their own energy generation (i.e. solar generation). The system is low-cost and easy to install, with an advanced management toolset and enterprise ready features. Most importantly, the system is built to integrate with other business systems in order to maximise value. This means existing accounting systems, building management systems, solar systems, EV chargers, intranets and other operational business systems can be folded in as needed. It also allows a customisable dashboard of energy use and the cloud platform suite supports a range of hardware which you can both mix and match. The core software is Open Source and provides a set of standard APIs that allow in-house or external consulting teams to develop mission critical apps.

This NZ company has been providing renewable energy solutions for 7 years, and is a well-respected provider of advanced software solutions that involve energy management and solar PV systems. Their focus has been to create a rich, open, lightweight and streamlined platform that gives companies agility in their energy management tasks, and accomplish business processes affordably in a way that simply could not be done with proprietary systems. They are now seeking partners to distribute this software platform to companies interested in energy management solutions.

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● Enables uniform management of a diverse set of generation and consumption assets ● Full remote management capabilities with two-way, secure communications ● Supports many solar inverters, kWh and PLCs out of the box ● Advanced architecture gives you many branding opportunities ● Enables custom web dashboards and mobile app development ● Remote switching: manual, by schedules or using active setpoints or thresholds measured in near real-time ● Advanced flexible reporting per asset or across set of all assets

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This company would like to partner with companies that are involved with energy management services. They are looking for companies that would be able to distribute the software to renewable energy integrators, energy consultants, renewable energy application developers, facilities and building managers, PPA providers and solar inverter and switchgear manufacturers. The software suite can be used by end-users, by consulting firms to expand their menu of services, and by manufacturers looking to differentiate by offering the latest high-tech information management for their equipment. Final solutions can be branded under a companies own name and optionally supported long term by this NZ company if required.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500