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Online solution for marketing strategy definition based on competitors

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A Spanish ICT company has developed an innovative tool that analyses the online competitors advertising strategy in real time. It allows the user to launch online advertising campaigns in a more efficient way, finding niche positioning with low levels of competition. The company is looking for license agreements.



Most of the companies investing in online advertising waste more than 30% of the budget for not knowing the strategy of their competitors or their own. Because of that, the Spanish company has developed a tool that analyses competitors strategy allowing to relocate, if needed, the company investment in online advertising.

The tool identifies in real time the competitors SEM / SEO (Search Engine Marketing / Search Engine Optimization) strategy by analyzing the results given by the search engines (google, Bing, Amazon, etc.) . It uses datamining in order to provide information regarding positioning of keywords, the density of advertisers, new competitors and their creativities, schedules exposed and investment opportunities to take influential strategic decisions in the plan digital marketing.

The tool provides four levels of information:

1) Dashboard: Global overview of the main data obtained such as weekly visibility, top criteria, top advertisers, etc.

2) SEM detail: top relevant keywords and criteria, weekly, hourly and daily visibility (in time studies) and, relevant domains by criteria, copys and messages, etc.

3) SEO detail: Position average by criteria, hourly visibility, links and texts, density by criteria.

4) Report: Detailed report of all the results on web versión and exportable to PDF or online presentation in html5 that can be sent by email or shared link.

Main features regarding this solution are the following:

- It performances marketing activities on major platforms such as adwords, facebook, email campaigns, etc. depending on the actions of competitors, all in real time.

-System alerts and notifications: Notifications can be set up to inform about changes of position in certain strategic SEM words, drastic drops in position / page SEO, etc.

-Data visualization is exportable and accessible at all levels; studies can be exported to PDF and send html5 online presentation by email to different profiles being useful for presentations to customers for example.

-It analyzes web search results of major search engines worldwide (Google, Bing, Yahoo!, Yandex, Sapo, Virgilio, Baidu ...) thereby detecting the main competitors and their strategies SEM / SEO.

The Spanish company is looking for partners within the sector of digital media agencies willing to cooperate under license agreement.

Advantages & innovations

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-Unlimited number of competitors: Other tools limit the number of competitors to be analysed to those defined by the user. On the other hand this tool analyses every competitor allowing the identification of new ones, that hadn´t been detected yet. -Other similar tools available in the market offer results by keywords based on historical data so decision based on this criteria are not accurate. On the contrary, the technology developed by the Spanish company provides results by keywords in real time. -Level of detail and precision in terms of time: It informs about breakdowns by days of the week and hours in the day, including analysis about seasonality, key schedules and strategic positions. This level of information is not provided by other similar solutions.

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The Spanish company is looking for partners in the digital advertising sector such as digital advertisers, marketing agencies and marketers/freelances willing to adopt this technology in order to provide added value to their clients. The kind of partnership sought is license agreement.