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Organic, vegan and carbon proof wines from Valencia in Spain offered for distribution services agreements

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A Spanish winery producing organic, vegan and carbon free wines from a Valencian region, that commercialises its own trade mark of wines, is looking for partners in the distribution sector of beverage for food retail sector in any country where the network is active.



This century winery produces organic, vegan, carbon proof certified wines inspired by the taste of Mediterranean Spain.
The company is located in the province of Valencia, Spain, 900m above sea level, one of the area’s highest points situated in a Natural Park, (UNESCO Biosphere Reserve). The biodiversity and terroir of this area give the wines a very special character of authenticity and uniqueness. They farm indigenous varieties like the Bobal, Monastrell, Garnacha, Tempranillo, Verdil, Macabeo, but also international like the Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Syrah or Cabernet Sauvignon. Varieties which hard back to the origin of Spanish wine. Red, white, rosé and sparkling wines. They can elaborate around 300,000 bottles per year, including red, white, rosé and sparkling wine, coming from local grapes.

Although they use traditional methods, they elaborate modern wines full of balance, richness and freshness with no excessive oak or over mature overtones.
The wine labels are designed by talented artists from around the world, giving its brand a contemporary look and feel. Every label tells a story about the wine, attracting customer’s curiosity and interest in the brand.

They care about carbon footprint and try to be as ecological responsible as possible. For every 173 bottles of wine sold, a tree is planted in the nature park. Sustainability and climate change are also a big concern, so additionally, natural corks and helix screw corks are used (both of which are 100% renewable, recyclable and biodegradable).

The firm is recently managed by a young entrepreneur that just got the Award for the “Most Inspiring Entrepreneur of the Year” in a foreign country.

The company is apassionate about its work and they would like to bring it to all over the world, which is also helpful in economic terms (they can continue growing, improving the resources, innovating...). They work hard to have good products but also, to promote them worldwide.

For their products the export department is looking for distributors partners in any of those countries where the Network is active. Distriburtors with a good retail network in food and beverage.

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Specialised products for segmented clients Innovative packaging Awarded wines in recognized wine books Every single bottle is unique by a design label Every wine has a story to connect with final customers Experience in international markets with more than 50% of turnover

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This winery is looking for partners in the distribution channel. They are interested in getting distribution agreements with any type of company with a role in the distribution, importers, retailers, distributors, wine shops, which is interested in introduce a new winery with an interesting brand, and know a good winery to work with