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Packaging of food – reducing empty space in food containers

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A Slovenian inventor has invented a new packaging solution for reducing an empty space of packaging containers, which are typically sold with food and other pre-packaged products. The inventor is offering a licensing agreement for the patented invention.



Pre-packaged products, such as for food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, plant protection and various chemical products, often involve a lot of empty space in the packaging. This blank space is intended either for the addition of other ingredients for the preparation of such an end-use product or solely for the purpose of packaging.
The Slovenian inventor is offering a solution which is reducing the empty space in packaging. The invention enables reducing the consumption of raw materials in packaging production and reducing space consumption, thereby contributing to reducing costs during packaging, storage, transport, distribution, delivery, shelf-space and sale of packaged products.

The main feature of the solution is that the packaging can be expanded before adding second ingredient of food.

The examples of targeted products in food industry are: instant noodles, cup noodles, quick soup, instant mashed potatoes, concentrated juices, drinks, powdered drinks (coffee, cocoa, chocolate, tea, milk), protein meals, muesli, instant breakfast, children instant food, multivitamins. The examples of chemical products are dishwashing liquid, softener for laundry, liquid gel for washing machine, liquid soap, hair softener, hair shampoo, degreasers, multifunctional cleaner, plant protection product, phytopharmacy products, liquid fertilizers for plants.
The Slovenian inventor is looking for industrial partners, producers of packaging containers and producers of pre-packaged products (food, chemical, pharmaceutical industry) for collaboration under licensing agreements.

Advantages & innovations

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The main advantages of the proposed invention for the producers of products are: - saving on base material in the production of packaging containers; - possible use of biodegradable or recycled materials; - potential for savings in carbon (CO2) print (CO2 coupons); - the container could be extended after it is being sold to the customer/end user; - end users / customers save space in transport and storage of the goods; - producers, distributors, retail companies save space in transport, storage of the goods, shop shelf space; - producers of food and other products have opportunity to gain new markets and to offer new inventive products for additional customer segments (e.g. travelers, hikers, other groups with the recognized need for products with smaller space of package).

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Prototype available for demonstration

Partner sought

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Type of partner sought: The inventor is seeking producers of pre-packaged products such as food, chemical products and pharmaceuticals or specialized companies for packaging solution (e.g. containers) to offer them a licence for the patent pending solution. Additionally, the inventor would welcome any industrial company specialized in packaging solutions for a possible collaboration under licencing agreement. Activity of Partner: Partners should be able to develop, certify and start the production of new pre-packaging solution with their line of products. Specific role of partner sought: Partners should have extended know-how in packaging technologies and/or established partnerships with technology packaging solutions providers in order to be able to develop, certify and introduce the new solution with the use of the proposed invention in their production.

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>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500