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Partner sought for the co-development of a project related to energy efficient renovations in the construction/building sector.

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Materials, components and systems for construction
Construction engineering (design, simulation)
Management of construction process & life
Energy management
Low, zero and plus energy rating
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A Greek research organisation has been developing a sustainable and energy efficient solution for renovations in the building/construction sector. The team seeks companies or research organisations related to energy-efficiency for the co-development of the project under a joint venture or a technical cooperation agreement. Research cooperation agreement is also envisaged.



The Greek team of a research organization established in 2005. The team focuses on the promotion of entrepreneurship for everyone. The organization's main activity is the implementation of projects under HORIZON 2020 and ERASMUS+ programmes.

The team has been developing a complete instrument package and suite (CIRS) for holistic building scanning, evaluation, continuous upgrade renovations proposals and monitoring – InnovaBuild/IBD characteristics. IBD project will demonstrate the impacts listed below using quantified indicators and targets wherever possible:

-Primary energy savings triggered by the project (in GWh/year);
-Investments in sustainable energy triggered by the project (in millions of Euros);
-High energy performance in the renovated buildings;
-Measurable cost reduction compared with a typical renovation (i.e. a renovation that meets current minimum requirements of existing building regulations) or major energy performance improvement at comparable cost;
-Reduction of time needed on site for renovation works by 20% compared to current national standard practice;
-Demonstration of the effectiveness and replicability of the proposed solutions to lead to an increased rate of renovation for defined building typologies in several districts/cities/regions;
-Reduction of the greenhouse gases emissions (in tons of CO2-eq/year) and/or air pollutants (in kg/year) triggered by the project.

The target of the project is to ensure faster and more cost-effective deep renovations, resulting in high-energy performance, design and construction methods with low embodied energy and on-site works organization, lower cost of energy retrofitting, taking into account any architectural constraints.

Through the CIRS information at hand the renovation teams will be able to perform targeted interventions into buildings and establish a symbiotic equilibrium between them and their tenants, bearing in mind the above-mentioned targets.

The Greek organisation seeks companies or research organisations who might be interested in cooperating and jointly developing the CIRS under a joint venture or under a technical cooperation agreement. Research cooperation agreement with partners willing to create a project consortium is also envisaged.

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Through this project, the partners will opt to achieve higher rates of renovation that reduce energy use and decarbonize the building stock, in order to meet long-term climate and energy targets.

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The Greek organisation is looking for partners (relevant companies and professionals such as engineers, architects, specialists concerning energy efficiency etc and research organisations) with relevant expertise in the field of energy efficiency in construction/building sector. More precisely, potential partners could be SMEs working in the field of environmentally friendly and energy efficient renovations of buildings or university/research centres departments experienced in this field. Furthermore, ICT companies with relevant experienced are needed too. The Greek organisation is seeking partners as mentioned above who might be interested in jointly developing the CIRS under a joint venture or under a technical cooperation agreement. Additionally, research cooperation agreement with companies or research institutions interested in setting up a project consortium is also envisaged.

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SME 11-50,University,R&D Institution,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500