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Partners actives in the animal feeds or fertiliser industry and agrofood import-export companies sought by a Belgian manufacturer of pink peppercorn essential oils' press cakes

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Trusted Belgian SME, active in the natural ethnic food and pharmaceutical industries, offers to manufacture and supply oil cakes in order to optimize the use of its raw material and the by-products resulting from its production. Press cakes come from the extraction of their pink peppercorn essential oils and are usually used by animal feed, pet foods and fertiliser manufacturers. Cooperation would take place under the framework of a manufacturing agreements or distribution agreements.



The Belgian international SME, created in 2017 in Belgium, is an ethical and ecological manufacturer and distributor of organic and non-organic honeys, jams, oils, spices, sugars, vanilla, essential oils and related derived products in various formats with a guarantee of quality and traceability.

In order to manufacture pink peppercorn essential oils, the company:

1. Crops its own raw material, the pink peppercorn, in Madagascar;
2. Manufactures the essential oils via extraction;
3. Distributes them via its own brand or as a white label.

Being in a responsible approach and valuation of its by-products linked to their manufacturing activities, the company would like to offer in the international market their residual cakes from the extraction of pink peppercorn essential oils.

Press cake is the solids remaining after pressing something to extract the liquids. Because plant's extraction residues, or oil cakes, are so rich in protein, these co-products can be optimized for use in animal feeds but also as fertilisers.

Therefore, the Belgian SME is looking for partners active in the animal nutrition and feed industry using oil cakes in their manufacturing processes or import-export agrifood international companies.

The Belgian company will produce the residual cake and supply it directly as natural raw materials under manufacturing agreements (to manufacturing companies) or distribution services agreement (trade companies).

Belgian company is able to provide quantitative data and technical specifications regarding products offers:

• Origin of plants or fruits: pink berries
• Quantity available: 2450 K in Belgium
• Minimum order: 2000 K
• Packaging: big bags (+/- 350 K / bag)
• Delivery times: 48 H

The firm already has a lot of experience in international trade and is looking to build a long term relationship.

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The company covers different activities: production, processing, packaging, shipping and distribution all around the world. Production sites are located in Madagascar, Mauritius and Sardinia with committed approaches by creating a social production activity to support the local economy in collaboration with the Ministry in charge of Agriculture and Livestock, NGOs ... The headquarter and the distribution center are located in Belgium. Through this involvement, the company makes it a point of honour to cultivate with respect for nature and local producers, favouring people over mechanization. In addition to its responsible production, the SME markets products raw or processed : cooking aid products, spices, honeys, gourmet boxes...to ensure the sale of the production and to guarantee an income to the producers.

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Type of partners sought: partners looking for manufacturers to supply them with pink peppercorn essential oils' residual cakes on a long-term basis, such as established industries, husbandries, manufacturers, producers or import-export commercial partners. Specific activities of partners sought: - Animal and pet food and feed additive/ingredients/supplements; - Animals Production / Husbandries; - Fertilisers; - Raw agrofood trade intermediaries; - ... - All other partners active in the animal nutrition and agrifood industry using oil cakes in their manufacturing process or commercial activities or for husbandries such as manufacturers of prepared feeds for farm animals, support activities for animal production partners, pet food manufacturers, … Role of partner sought: order raw materials for their industrial activities or distribute raw products in partners’ local markets. Agreement type: partnership will take the form of manufacturing agreements or direct/ indirect distribution agreements according to the identified partner types