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Patented drill-reamer for drilling the latest composite materials

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The Italian company is specialized in precision cutting tools in solid carbide for automotive and aerospace sector. Their know-how has allowed to develop a innovative carbide tool for drilling, end milling, reaming and countersinking. They are looking for enterprises to sign a services agreement.



The Italian company working in the automotive and aerospace fields, was founded in 1982 in order to produce cutting tools in solid carbide. Their core business is based on:

• sharpening: standard, special and industrial tools (gun drills, end mills, drills as request), blades (for aluminium, paper, wood and rubber)

• regeneration: mechanical fastening tools , special tools, mandrels, broaches and creators

• coating: all tools can be coated as first generation, second generation in CUD and in nano-coated

The continue research in these fields allowed them to develop a new patented drill-reamer tool, that is the ideal device for drilling the latest composite materials, such as the carbon fiber reinforced polymer. The innovative system is based on the capacity to do drilling, end milling, reaming and countersinking in one-shot operation, guarantying high quality standard, as required by the aerospace sector.
The benefits for the customer are time savings and cheaper hole cost, as well as higher performance and quality standards, by meeting the tight requirements of the industry.

The company is seeking for enterprises or companies interested in this specific technology, in order to sign a services agreement, with the goal to expand their abroad market.

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The main advantage of the innovation is the capacity to realize in one-shot drilling, end milling, reaming and countersinking, by meeting the tight requirements of the aerospace sector. The competitors, instead, can reach the same result, but not in one-shot. They need to realize all the steps separately. Recapping, the advantages are the following: • time savings • cost savings • one-shot solution • compliance with quality standards

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Type: company, enterprise or industry. Activity: automotive or aerospace field. Role: the partner needs this specific technological service.