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Peruvian company specialized and dedicated to the elaboration, commercialization and exportation of Peruvian jewelry and crafts is seeking distributors in Europe/Middle East/Asia

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The Peruvian company is specialized and dedicated to the elaboration of handmade jewelry, such as: rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets, twins, and pin with unique designs, made from sterling silver, 925 silver, 18kl, and 14 kl gold. The products are made under a quality process. The company is seeking distributors in Europe/Middle East/Asia.



The Peruvian company was founded in 2010, by a jewelry artisan who continues the family tradition of four generations of Peruvian jewelers.

The company dedicated to the elaboration, commercialization and exportation of Peruvian jewelry and crafts; being committed to the diffusion of the cultural legacy of the country.

Likewise, it has its own workshop to design and elaborate exclusive handmade jewelry applying its technical procedures of continuous improvement and care of the environment. They care for every detail of the production process to reach the highest standards of beauty and quality, putting into practice ancestral techniques that have been inherited from Peruvian master craftsmen.

Jewelry artisans perform and receive constant training in quality processes by local and international organizations.

In addition, the raw material from the best Peruvian supplier of 999 silver and 24 carat gold. They provide a quality chemical certificate at the time of purchase to ensure traceability.

The company's products are rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets, twins and pin:
I.Metal composition:silver 925, % base metal:92.5%.
II.Metal composition: yellow gold 18k, % base metal:75%.

Hydraulic stamping method:
This method is appropriate for thin plates or metal to be produced in mass. It can punch a pattern in relief, engrave a text or cut out the outline or patterns from a thin plate.

The company is looking for partners to distribute and sell their products. The company is interested in finding partners which can be either jewelry shops, boutiques, and bridal stores for the conclusion of distribution services agreement. In the framework of agreement the company will supply products to the partner for distribution and implementation in foreign market. The expected result is an increase in profits by expanding product lines and international markets.

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The company delivers certificates of guarantee with the final product; their products are made with meticulous quality standards, choosing the raw material supplier where the material is acquired by a legal origin. The process is validated by SGS (General Society of Surveillance) Peru and MINCETUR (Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism of Peru). They have a variety of high quality products with innovative designs made by a jewelery artisan who continues the family tradition of four generations of Peruvian jewelers. Always, they are applying a continuous improvement of their processes, good manufacturing practices, sustainable development policies.

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Distributors having inclusive knowledge on the fashion jewelry market in their region/country are sought for disseminating the production of the company in jewelry shops/boutiques under distribution services agreement.