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Peruvian company specialized in exporting organic cotton hand-knitting yarns seeks distributors in Europe

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A Peruvian company specialized in the production of organic cotton hand-knitting yarns is looking for distributors in Europe. This is an ethical business, which the company develops daily, environmentally friendly, sustainable and with social responsibility, as it is in aligned with international fair trade practices.



Since 2007, the Peruvian company, leader in the production of hand-knitting yarns made of organic cotton fiber and natural plants, found in recipes of the old Peruvian cultures, to get beautiful natural colours, wants to identify distributors in Europe.
The technics used by the company for the hand-spun of their yarns are since 5000 years ago as well as the spinning wheel, rescueing ancient technics used in the past for the conservation of the textile Peruvian heritage.
They can make hand dyed yarns in solid colours; space dyed yarns in several different colours or in the same colour in degrade.
For designers, it is one of the best option because they can dye any colour using natural or low impact dyes, for a minimum quantity of 5 kilos per colour or combination.
Their prices are very competitive and distributors can get prices for different quantities.
They sell the yarns in skeins, balls and cones, with or without labels and the company is open to receive any request from European companies that require to put their own trademark on the labels.
All the Peruvian company activities are aligned to the international fair trade code, paying fair wages and offer good working conditions to their workers. They hire specially women with many children to care. And their policies are to bring the labour activities near to their homes, in order to make their collaborators save up to 5 hours daily (roundtrip) in transportation.
Hand or industrial knitting services are options in some particular opportunities, but their main activity is making yarns. Sometimes, if a knitting project is interesting and could generate new jobs, the company can accept working on it, because their main goal is to help people in need.

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Raw materials used for the yarns: 100% organic cotton yarns certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards) and Merino wool from the highlands for making their blended yarns. Hand dyeing processes using plants or low impact dyes Oeko-Tex 100 certified. Natural drying processes, using the wind and the heat of the sun. Hand-spun yarns or spinning wheel yarns. Any industrial yarn the customers need, can be developed in their facilities. Activities aligned with the fair trade code. Currently exports to Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Mexico USA, Japan, England and Australia. the Peruvian company is looking for a distribution agreement in Europe.

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Distribution agreement or partners for online sales, that could handle their inventories in Europe, for a quick response and distribution of the online orders, instead using expensive freights and long deliveries from Peru.