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Platform for analysing global competition in different digital marketing channels

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A Spanish ICT company has developed a solution for analysing global competition in the different digital marketing channels. It provides insights about the competitors strategies allowing the user to define the best digital marketing strategy according to that. The company is looking for partners for license agreements.



A correct definition of marketing campaigns in digital channels is, for many companies, the most powerful tool for increasing sales. Because of that, it is important to know what competitors are doing in the different channels, and define the strategy according to that. The problem is that there are many digital channels (social, mailing, SEM, display advertising, etc.) and is not easy to analyse all of them in a global way, with the purpose of taking the right strategy decisions.

In this context, the Spanish ICT company, specialized in digital marketing analysis solutions , has developed a platform that allows the user to analyse global competition in the different digital marketing channels:

-SEM (Search Engine Marketing): Analysis of the search results page (SERPs) of any search engine and country in the world and in real time to extract data from competition and brand (organics & paid results)

-Social: Analysis of paid advertising on social networks to extract data and insights from the strategies of competitors and know their creativities, promotions, audiences…

-Email: Analysis of campaigns by sectors/industries to obtain data on their email strategy, creativities, issues, ratios, audiences...

-Display: Analysis of online display advertising in all type of banners and rich media (Insterstials, Pre-roll… ) to extract the display strategies of major brands and competition.

The tool analyses the most relevant information for each channel:

-SEM (Search Engine Marketing):
•Organics SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) per keywords.
•PPC Ads (Pay Per Click results page) per keyword.
•Daily and hourly data in real time (no historical data)
•All search engines.
•Any location in the world.
•Segment competition and ads by age, gender, location, hobbies,etc.

•Pay Per Click Ads (PPC campaigns)
•Industries/categories/ brands
•Daily and hourly data in real time
•Facebook and Instagram (Beta)
•Any campaign in the world.
•Segment competition and ads by age, gender, location, hobbies,etc.

•Display Ads over the world by industry or brands.
•Pay per click display ads.
•Formats/ type campaigns
•Real time data (no historical data)
•All media and location.
•Segment competition and ads by age, gender, location, hobbies,etc.

•Mailing data.
•Servers, sending hours and email providers.
•Campaign types by industry or brand.
•Messages, promotions and special offers.

The information is presented to the user in an easy and organized way that allows to take the right digital marketing strategies decisions.

The company is looking for international partners in the field of digital marketing, willing to reach license agreements.

Advantages & innovations

Cooperation plus value: 
-There are another tools in the market that analyse the competitors digital strategy but this is the only one that combines in one tool social, mailing, SEM and display advertising -Profitability: The low operating cost on a large scale provides high profitability. The cost of the company is divided between a small technical team for maintenance, a small digital marketing team that grows as the company grows. And the cost of servers with a number of clients greater than 400 would mean a profitability of almost 90% (grows with greater use of the platform). -Scalability: Based on cloud and virtualization, scaling is unlimited with few human resources. Currently the company can operate in more than 100 countries, and the more users they have, the better and faster is the provided information, thanks to the learning platform. It also makes more difficult for the competition to replicate the model due to the knowledge acquired.

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The Spanish company is looking for partners in the digital advertising sector such as digital advertisers, marketing agencies and marketers/freelances willing to adopt this technology in order to provide added value to their clients by offering a more efficient service. The kind of partnership sought is license agreement.


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