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A Polish company that has developed a thermal insulation composite based on cellulose fibers from recycling is looking for partners to commercialize the technology

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A Polish company with a vast experience in developing insulation technologies has developed a cellulose-stabilized thermal insulation composite (recycled / by-product of paper production). The company is looking for partners to commercialize the technology, with particular emphasis on the construction sector via license agreement.



The Polish company developed a technology for obtaining cellulose stabilized foam (PSC) with optimal performance parameters and a mobile device for its application at the place of application. PSC is a composition of foamed aqueous solutions of inorganic acid salts and cellulose fibers, obtained by mixing them with a mechanically produced inorganic foam. PSC is a low-density, high-viscosity foaming mass, produced at the site of the intended application by means of a mobile aggregate using pre-prepared, factory-made cellulose microfibers obtained from recycled paper.
The essence of the mass is the following:
- low specific gravity (between 80 and 120 kg / m3);
- high viscosity and adhesion capacity;
- high durability and mechanical strength increasing in the process of evaporation and binding of water contained in the foam through the use of accelerators and stabilization with cellulose fibers, which constitute the mechanical framework of the mass.
The company is looking for a partner who would help in the commercialization of the technology via license agreement.

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In the construction industry, the material which is a light inorganic foam with thermal insulation properties comparable to polystyrene will allow for a whole range of applications. 1. Thermal insulation in construction. Currently, the tendency in this area is to use natural resources - in the case of the proposed solution, cellulose fibers are reused - relatively inexpensive (recycling). It is a raw material that is obviously friendly to people and the environment. The method of application in the form of a rigid, but flexible, moving foam allows for tight filling of structural voids with full access to the insulated spaces - vertical and diagonal voids can be opened on one side. Laying the layer is very fast and accurate. Due to the adjustable diffusion resistance, the material is able to work with all basic construction materials in construction, i.e. wood, ceramics, concrete and natural stone. 2. It is also expected to obtain the effect of acoustic insulation due to the large possibility of forming the shapes of acoustic partitions, which determine the effectiveness in this respect.

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The Polish company is looking for partners, e.g. from sectors related to construction, waste paper processing, paper production or manufacturers of insulation materials in order to commercialize the described technology via a license agreement.