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Polish company, a leading manufacturer of women’s underwear, is looking for distributors of lingerie

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A quarter-century-old Polish enterprise specializing in lingerie manufacturing offers a wide selection of women’s underwear, including bras, corsets, garter belts, panties, thongs, bodies and swimming suits. Owing to enormous experience and simultaneous use of both manual and industrial production processes, the products are of refined quality and intricate finish. The company is interested in cooperation based on the following: distribution services and/or manufacturing agreement.



The company, established in late 90’s, has enormous experience and is one of the leading underwear manufacturers in Poland. The mixture of manual production and the aid of advanced industrial technology result in refined finish that meets the highest quality standards.
The company focuses on ensuring high quality of the end product and pays a lot of attention to detailed finish, comfort of usage, timeless design and reliable structure.
To cater for differentiated needs of the customers, the company offers a vast range of types of products and sizes available, The standard selection of products (that includes, inter alia, bras, corsets, half-corsets, bodies, panties, thongs, shorts and swimming suits) has been extended by more specialised products, such as bras for breast-feeding mothers and post-mastectomy bras to ensure that all women feel beautiful and feminine.
The company is looking for long-term cooperation with distributors abroad that are willing to expand their offer with the Polish lingerie. The distributors sought may be both retailers or wholesalers and should have extensive knowledge of the underwear sector and a number of potential distribution channels to facilitate the entry of the Polish lingerie in a given country. The preferred type of cooperation is distribution services agreement.
In addition, the company may enter into the manufacturing agreement, offering its innovative production capabilities to companies willing to outsource their production to Poland. Each cooperation will be discussed and agreed upon with the company interested.

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- The company manufactures high-quality lingerie in a vast range of types and sizes (standard and specialised bras: bras for breast-feeding mothers and post-mastectomy bras, bodies, corsets, half-corsets, garter belts, panties, things, shorts, swimming suits, etc.). - The company was established in late 90’s and has huge experience in material selection for, and designing and manufacturing of lingerie. - Bras are manufactured in a selection of sizes (cup: from A to K, circumference from 65 to 110), and the panties and thongs are available in sizes from S to 4XL. - Since 2007, the company manufactures a specialised underwear to fulfil the requirements of the pregnant and breast-feeding women. The most recognizable and acclaimed underwear collection has won the trust of customers not only in Poland, but also in many countries of the Western Europe. - The post-mastectomy bras obtain more and more positive reviews from their users. - Superior design, high usage comfort, high-quality materials, exquisite finish.

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Already on the market

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Type of Agreement: distribution services agreement. Type of Partner Sought: distributor (wholesale or retail distributor, i.e. retail shops and wholesale stores). Role of Partner Sought: distribution of lingerie of the company's products on the new markets. Expertise of Partner Sought: Understanding of the lingerie sector on a given market, knowledge of potential customers / distribution channels. Type of Agreement: manufacturing agreement. Type of Partner Sought: purchaser (retail or wholesale) or a manufacturer willing to commission the design and/or manufacturing processes to the Polish company. Role of Partner Sought: purchase of underwear manufactured by the Polish company in accordance with the amount and design requested and delivered to the location specified by the purchaser.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500