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A Polish company is looking for pile pressing equipment for environmentally sensitive areas.

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Machining (turning, drilling, moulding, planing, cutting)
Machine tools, other metal working equipment (excl. numeric control)
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A Polish construction and engineering company that wish to provide services into areas previously inaccessible due to environmental and noise/pollution issues seeks sheet pile pressing equipment that is especially designated for environmentally sensitive and/or in close proximity to other properties. The company want to cooperate via commercial agreement with technical assistance.



The company which established in 1998, is located in Warsaw’s metropolitan area, capital of Poland.
The company's offers new technologies and machines that allow to perform work faster, better and cheaper, directing its activities to the industry related to specialized works in the field of geo technique, hydro engineering and deep foundations.

The company offers the following: sale of brand new machines and devices, sale of used equipment, rental of a wide range of equipment, service of specialized devices, expert advice on equipment and technology.

Due to the high demand from existing client the company currently seek technology that allows to design a sheet pile pressing equipment especially designed for pilling sheet steel piles into environmentally sensitive areas, close to the other buildings. Therefore the technology used must allow for a quiet and vibration free working of a pile pressing equipment.
The company want to cooperate with partners through commercial agreement with technical assistance.

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Technology technical specification: Technology technical specification: Maximum pressing force 1500 kN Maximum pulling force 1600 kN The stroke of servomotors 800mm Pressing speed 1.8 - 23.0 m / min Extrusion speed 1.9 - 18.0 m / min Total mass less than 10 tons (without clamp)

Partner sought

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A Polish company wish to cooperate with partner with well documented experience in design and production of piling equipment. The ideal for would be a commercial agreement to purchase equipment with technology assistance to face potencies problems, changes, and all the issues that could possible came up during equipment’s exploitation.