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A Polish company is looking for producers and suppliers willing to enter Polish market with their products under commercial agency agreement

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Other retailing
Distributors, imports and wholesalers


A Polish company acting as a commercial agency is offering services to foreign companies interested in entering the Polish market with their products. It is able to support entrepreneurs from any sector under a commercial agency agreement.



A Polish company acting as a commercial agent is specialized in introducing all kinds of products to the domestic market and enabling their sales.

Additionally, it is providing a broad range of services aimed at development of sales and market expansion through marketing and product development projects.

It offers sales intermediary services, customers service and a full range of market and product development services on the Polish market. The company has a wide range of contacts with wholesalers and access to e-commerce platforms and is able to provide services of marketing, finance, transport and law experts.

Company offers help in creation and implementation of new product introduction strategies on the Polish market, representation of client, solicitation of customers, management of customer services, preparation and conducting of negotiations in the name of its clients, intermediary services, organization of local offices and sales structures, creation and implementation of marketing strategies, support of logistics, customs and law processes.

The company is focusing on categories connected with direct and indirect sales and support of market development of industrial products and solutions from such sectors as automotive, offshore, high-tech, medical, food, etc. are their main interest.

The company is willing to act as a commercial agency for foreign companies interested in entering the Polish market with its products.

Advantages & innovations

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The company has a vast network of contacts in all industrial sectors on the Polish market and is able to provide distribution channels to producers and suppliers of different types of products and solutions.

Technical Specification or Expertise Sought

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The company is looking for partners offering high quality products that are willing to expand their businesses to the Polish market. The company is not looking for food, chemicals or drugs producers and is not interested in handcrafted products. The company is especially looking for: - any kind of new technology; - any kind of high-tech equipment and solutions; - any kind of specialists equipment and solutions; - engineering equipment and solutions; - industrial equipment and solutions; - building / construction equipment and solutions; - agricultural equipment and solution; - facility maintenance; - warehouse; - tools; - health and safety products.

Partner sought

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The company is looking for foreign producers and suppliers who are willing to enter Polish market with their products. Their main focus is put on new industrial technologies and solutions and novelty products that are not present on the Polish market.

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SME 11-50,Inventor,R&D Institution,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500