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Polish company looks for agents for its frameless and sliding-pocket aluminium doors

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A Polish SME from the construction industry specialises in the manufacturing and installing doors. Their frameless and sliding-pocket aluminium doors are highly-durable and moisture-resistant, provide improved noise reduction and thermal insulation, and conform with the trends in interior design. The cooperation within the framework of the commercial agency agreement is offered. The firm is also open to a white label production under the manufacturing agreement.



A company from the northwestern part of Poland operates in the construction industry, specialising in the production and installation of interior doors. They are equipped with the most-modern, state-of-the-art design and production machinery. The firm has cooperated with companies from and sold its products to numerous European countries, including France, Germany, Ireland and the Netherlands.

The company is offering doors: frameless and sliding pocket. The door leafs and concealed frames are made of aluminium. They are thicker (50mm) than the standard doors, which - combined with a narrower gap between the door leaf and frame - improves noise reduction, thermal insulation and durability. Frameless doors are either in- or outwards opened. Thanks to the aluminium construction, the doors can go even as high as the ceiling. The products are ready for painting or applying any other type of finishing (e.g. acrylic, lacobel, mirror, polymer glass, laminate, veneer, quartz sinter, concrete, felt, leather).

The company would like to expand and diversify its customer base thus it is offering a partnership under the commercial agency agreement to companies active in the construction industry, particularly suppliers of construction companies, and wholesalers or retailers of construction materials. The firm looks for partners with knowledge of their local markets and extensive networks of contacts. Agents will be expected to market the products through their channels, find new customers ans work out details of cooperation with them. They will be presented with a complete product assortment and supplied with marketing materials. The company will also take care of production, transportation and installation and servicing of the sold products. Other aspects of the partnership will be discussed and agreed during negotiations between the interested parties.

The firm is also ready to engage in mutually beneficial cooperation under the manufacturing agreement with wholesalers and retails of doors. Partners' role will be to specify the type, basic parameters, and quantity of the requested product(s). The firm will be, in turn, responsible for manufacturing the ordered products and, if requested, delivering and installing them.

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- the product can be installed in any wall (e.g. brick wall, plasterboard); - the products are moisture-resistant thus they can be placed in any room, including bathrooms or as an entrance to a pool or a SPA; - compared with standard doors, the offered products are thicker and thus more durable, provide better noise reduction and improved thermal insulation; - frameless and sliding pocket doors are in line with the current trends in interior design; - the products are highly customisable and can be adapted to the client's specific needs and style of the interior - the company can produce doors of any hight/dimensions, and various materials can be used as finishing.

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Commercial agency agreement: Type of Partner Sought: construction industry, e.g. suppliers of construction companies or wholesalers/retailers of construction materials, in particular. Role of Partner Sought: Partners are expected to represent the company on their respective local markets. They will have to promote and find new customers for the offered products and negotiate details of the contract with them. Manufacturing agreement: - Type of Partner Sought: construction industry, particularly companies selling doors and other construction materials. - Role of Partner Sought: Partners will have to provide the company with the specification (technical details) of the ordered products, stipulate the number of ordered products and expected delivery date.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500