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Polish company offers to manufacture, renovate or modernise antique-styled furniture under a subcontracting agreement

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The Polish family enterprise from the furniture industry specialises in the production of antique-style furniture. The firm offers to manufacture, renovate or modernise: upholstered chairs and settees, ornamental cabinets, dressers, writing desks etc. under a subcontracting agreement. The final products will be heavily individualised, thus a partner must be ready for detailed consultations. The firm is also looking for agents responsible for representing the company's products abroad.



A family enterprise from northwestern Poland has been operating in the furniture industry since 2013. The firm is run by a married couple of award-winning artists: he has education and experience in upholstery and wood carving, she is an interior architect and furniture designer. They carry on 40 years of his family's carpentry tradition. The company has some experience in international cooperation - they've been exporting products to Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom.

The firm is offering to manufacture unique, antique-style furniture, including:
- fabric chairs in various styles (Ludwik, medallion, throne) and settees;
- ornamented cabinets, chest of drawers, dressers, chests, writing desks and tables.
The furniture can be manufactured from designs developed by a client or by the firm itself (in consultation with a client, strictly respecting his requirements). Various types of wood can be used for the production of the offered furniture: oak, beech, walnut and rosewood. The firm carefully selects materials (textiles, wood) and uses only those that are certified.

Besides manufacturing new furniture, the firm is also offering to renovate or modify old ones. They can i.a. change upholstery, modify the shade of wood, age furniture, add new coatings and/or decorative elements (nail strips etc.), depending on a client's request.

The firm would like to diversify its markets and revenue streams, therefore it is interested in the cooperation with foreign partners, preferably with interior designers and architects, antiquarian shops and furniture boutiques, in a form of subcontracting. As the firm manufactures very individualised products, it looks for main contractors that are ready to be heavily involved in the whole production/renovation process. They are expected to timely answer questions about desired shape and size of the furniture, to select the type of wood, colour and patterns of fabric etc. (the firm will help with the decisions by providing samples and its expertise). Based on that information, the company will prepare designs and, if accepted, produce requested items. Or the main contractor can provide own designs with a complete specification of products at the beginning of the cooperation.

The company is also looking for agents, who will be tasked with promoting the furniture designed and manufactured by the firm through their channels. The firm will assist in finding new clients by providing sample projects.

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- over 40 years of experience in the furniture industry; - heavily individualised, custom-made products; - durable furniture, because the firm uses only certified materials; - prices that are below the EU average thanks to developed wood industry in the region and relatively low labour costs in Poland - quick delivery time thanks to the favourable location near the Polish-German border and the sea lines;

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Already on the market

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Subcontracting: - Type of Partner Sought: interior architects and designers, antiquarian shops, furniture boutiques; - Role of Partner Sought: Partners are expected to either provide a production-ready specification (with necessary sketches) of a product or answer questions (about a desired size, shape, colour, pattern etc.) that will allow the firm to prepare their designs. Then, a partner will have to accept a final project and confirm the order. Commercial agency agreement: - Type of Partner Sought: antiquarian shops, furniture boutiques and suppliers thereof; - Role of Partner Sought: Partners will be responsible for promoting the company's products and finding new clients interested in purchasing them.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500


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Austria, Belgium, Czechia, Denmark, Finland, Germany, United Kingdom