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Polish company specializing in production of thermally modified wood – decking and elevation boards is looking for business partners in Europe for cooperation under a commercial agency agreement or distribution services agreement to expand its activity

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Hardening, heat treatment
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Polish SME specializing in wood processing business aims to realize its export potential and expand its sales geography. The main activity of the Polish company is the production of thermowood - decking and elevation boards. The company would like to establish long-term cooperation with business partners from Europe who need thermowood - decking and elevation boards on the basis of a distribution services agreement or commercial agency agreement.



The Polish woodworking company is placed in south-west of Poland. The company, which specializes in manufacturing of thermally modified wood - decking and elevation boards, has been running their own business since 2016. In the history of its existence, the company managed to get a good name and today has a strong position in its sector on domestic market. The company uses modern equipment that allows to manufacture products in high quality and in large volume.

A Polish SME offers products with modern texture, safe material for use on the outside, the roof or in the interiors. They perform well in a variety of weather conditions, environments exposed to moisture and the negative effects of biological agents. They are incombustible, resistant to mechanical damage, UV radiation, they are waterproof, resistant to temperature variations and corrosion biological.
Decking boards - do not contain any resin, they are easy to install and light. The material is durable, natural and doesn’t contain any chemical additives. These features make it appropriate to use on paths and patios.
Elevation boards - durable and stable material, suitable for wall coverings and facades. The wood raw material used for production originate only from state forests and legal supplies. Wood undergoes thermal treatment in specialist dryers and installations of a well-known Polish company, which used avant-garde solutions in the field of drying, brewing, vaporizing, steaming and phytosanitary wood processing (according to ISPM 15-FAO standards) and new THW heat thermal treatment at very high temperature. Thermal treatment is done at high temperatures, ranging from 180- 212⁰ C. During the process, no chemical additives are induced. In comparison with vacuum – pressure impregnation, thermal treatment is ecofriendly, while the qualities of wood are improved, similar to exotic wood species. The wood becomes resistant to decay and more stable than natural wood also its thermal insulation properties are improved and bending strength is decreased.

The company has been successfully cooperating with partners from other countries such as Italy and Austria and now is looking for new agents and distributors that will help to broaden activity of the company on new foreign markets to expand its activity to increase their international presence in terms of trade. The partner should have a good knowledge of marketing for successful promotion. The potential partner should have experience in sale of wood products, as well as established network in wood and furniture industry to be able to present company's products to the customers. The positive expected result of this future cooperation is launching of the company’s products at the European market and increasing the company profit by active promotion.
The main target is to find architectural studio, companies manufacturing wood furniture, distributors of wooden building materials, interior designers and other wood related industries, anybody with a constant demand for timber. The company is looking for wholesalers who have the necessary contacts with chain stores, warehouses and experienced; distributors who want to extend their own wood product portfolio or who want to distribute the company’s own brand and agent with good knowledge of the local market interested in finding of new reliable buyer of decking and elevation boards. Within the framework of the commercial agency agreement the company is looking for partners who will represent, promote the company’s interests in Europe and sell its products to wholesale companies, mass retailers and develop the notoriety of the company. Under distribution services agreement the potential partners will buy company’s products and ensure the distribution of these products in EU countries. Through distribution services agreements, the company will provide the distributors the best quality products and ensure trust to their final clients.

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- high-quality production at all stages; - solidity, precision of materials used; - good reputation and reliability among their clients and market; - high volume production ensures of supply all year round; - financial stability; - customer orientated services and flexibility; - experience in the wood industry; - no chemicals are used in the production process ensuring the environmentally friendly products; - experience in export of own products; - good product from excellent wood raw materials; - wide range of clients on the national market; - technological advanced systems for drying, steaming and heat treatment of wood.

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Type of Desirable Partner: Foreign architecture and design studio with experience and with a consolidated network and active projects, in a way to be able to satisfy the needs of their final clients. Reliable SME, large companies, individual entrepreneurs operating in the construction sector, with experience with wood products, who is looking for high quality timber products - thermally modified wood – decking and elevation boards. Reliable foreign partners: commercial agents, distributors, retailers or wholesalers specialized in wood products (anybody with a constant demand for timber) with well - established customer channels. The partner’s role: the partner will purchase the company’s timber products for further reselling under distribution services agreement to his final customer like: hotels, health resorts, nursing homes. The partner’s role under commercial agency agreement - presentation and promotion of the wood products on a geographical zone. Field of activity: company providing distribution services, commercial agency or company operating in industries, where wood could be used as a material - purchaser (wood furniture companies).

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500