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A Polish engineering company offers industrial automation services under subcontracting.

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Energy management
Industrial measurement and sensing equipment
Process control equipment and systems
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A Polish company, specialized in the field of industrial engineering in the energy, chemical industry as well as gas and fuel sector offers comprehensive automation services as a subcontractor. The company's offer includes designing and manufacturing production lines and industrial robots, control systems for managing them and vision systems. This company is looking for partners in various industries that are interested in cooperation in conceptual and design work under subcontracting.



The company from South Poland is active in the field of design and construction of machines, devices and prototypes as well as other elements of industrial automation, including measurement and control systems along with power supply, in the area of investments, repairs, maintenance and service.
This company use modern tools in design processes, supporting the creation of technological processes of designed structures, providing executive supervision, Operation and Maintenance Manual (DTR documentation), as well as performing strength analyzes of machine parts with the use of FEM analysis (Finite Element Method) and 3D visualization of existing or constructed objects.

The company is interested in cooperation with providers of industrial equipment and technology lines that are looking for new solutions in the area of production automation, and with manufacturers who would like to introduce innovative management and automation solutions in their plants.

The company would like to expand to European countries and is offering a full scale technological process automation solutions and services for their prospect partners from various industries such as water treatment, energy industry, food industry - milk production, coffee production, meat processing, beverage production, metal industry, production of plastic components, petrochemical industry etc. The partnership in a form of subcontracting is offered.

With a strong research and development certified experience, the client is interested to cooperate with partners that implement automation solutions in industrial sector or with industrial machinery producers, to offer innovative integrated solutions in industrial automation and robots.

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- The company has many years of experience gained in various branches of industry. - They cooperate with recognised partners such as academic centers and R & D centers and suppliers, guaranteeing professional advice, comprehensive solutions offered and a wide range of control and measurement equipment as well as automation systems. - The company participates in research and development efforts aiming at continuous improvement of own qualifications and improvement of offered products and solutions. - The company brings together a team of specialists in industrial automation, industrial robots, communications, electronics and software, with multidisciplinary skills, able to offer products and services of the highest quality in the field of industrial automation.

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The client is looking for manufacturers of machines and technology lines that are looking for solutions in range of control systems as well as producers who use or would like to use industrial robots and implement innovative solutions in their production processes. The company is looking for manufacturing or processing SMEs or industries in these sectors (such as as water treatment, energy industry, food industry - milk production, coffee production, meat processing, beverage production, metal industry, production of plastic components, petrochemical industry etc.) that would be interested in the aforementioned technological services to take place in their plants under the subcontracting agreement.