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Polish flooring company is looking for manufacturers of oak lamellas with specific parameters, under a manufacturing agreement

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Manufacture of assembled parquet floors


A Polish manufacturer of engineered multilayer floorboards, oak 2 layer parquets and chevron is looking for manufacturers of oak lamellas with specific parameters. The cooperation is aimed with a company from any country, under a manufacturing agreement.



The Polish company is a dynamically developing manufacturer of multilayer wooden flooring. The range of company’s products and colours is already very wide. The company extends the offer to include new designs in response to changing needs and trends.

The company owns two large production plants equipped with world-class, modern machine resources combined with a highly qualified and trusted staff to growing demands of customers from all over the world.

The company’s business is environmentally friendly. There is used natural products coming from legal and controlled sources. Moreover, the company uses a completely closed cycle manufacturing which does not generate waste that would affect the environment.

The main company’s products are:
1. Engineered multilayer floorboards with on oak top layer: Natur without knots and with standarised colour pattern as well Rustikal with the most interesting oak wood features, such as knots and natural discolorations. Multilayer floorboards are available in many sizes to fit any room. Most of them are suitable for underfloor heating.
2. Oak 2 layer parquets available in two classes: Nature – a carefully selected wood, free from knots and with natural colours as well Rustical contains knots and natural discolourations. The 2 layer parquet may be installed as herringbone and are available in many sizes to fit any roon. Just as a multilayer floorboards are suitable for underfloor heating.
3. Chevron – a pattern usually uses tiles with sides cut at 45° angle. Moreover, the other angles, such as 30° or 60° are also possible. As the other company’s products, chevron is available in Nature and Rustical classes as well in many sizes and suitable for underfloor heating.

The company is looking for wood companies offering oak lamellas defined as a few millimeters thick unfinished board intended to be glued onto plywood with great accuracy in terms of dimensions, humidity and class selection.

The cooperation will be based on manufacturing agreement.

The country of origin does not matter.

Advantages & innovations

Cooperation plus value: 
I. The innovative solutions and working with the most modern equipment as well technologies; II. Certified and tested products; III. Flexible approach to client; IV. Using of high technology of products; V. Environmentally friendly products; VI. Strong knowledge of the market competitors and customers.

Technical Specification or Expertise Sought

Cooperation sought: 
All seeks products must be certified, should have Technical Data Sheets and Safety Data Sheets. Technical parameters of sought products: 1. rough oak lamellas of 7,5mm and 9,5mm thickness and in various classes; 2. dry oak lamellas of 3,1mm; 4,1mm; 6,5mm thickness and in various classes.

Stage of development

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Already on the market

Partner sought

Cooperation area: 
The company is willing to work with foreign SMEs and larger companies from EU countries. The potencial partner should absolutely has a FSC 100% Certificate for an oak lamellas. The country of origin does not matter.

Type and size

Cooperation task: 
SME 11-50,251-500,SME 51-250