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Polish innovative company dealing in the construction of machinery and equipment for a specific customer order is looking for the clients abroad.

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Process automation
Materials, components and systems for construction
Construction methods and equipment
Process control equipment and systems
Other industrial automation
Machine tools, other metal working equipment (excl. numeric control)
Other industrial equipment and machinery
Process control and logistics


A Polish SME specialises in building and reconstruction of production lines for automatic raw material loading, unloading, intelligent logistics with maintenance free use. With mature technology, it can be customised based on customers process requirements. The company is looking for partners whom they can offer their expertise in production automation and applications in form of technical cooperation agreement and services agreement.The company is looking the clients all over the world.



This ambitious company was establish in 2016, the headquarters is located in North- East part of Poland. The mission of the company brand is to provide and promote cost-effective, innovative materials processing technology solutions, using electro-mechanical devices that manipulate machine shop tools using computer programming inputs ( cnc materials processing). Accessibility, innovation and efficiency are the values that guide this ambitious team. Machines are built from scratch along with programming, design, construction and implementation at the customer's.

The company distinguishes itself in the market:
- wide product range witch can make adaptions based on customers’ needs
- high quality services
- flexible approach to order
- competitive pricing
- timely execution of all works

The company offers its services like :
- automation of production lines
- technique allowing one specific staff of a project to collaborate and support every kind of projects during the full cycle (since the design until the support during the construction)
-creating IT systems for processing information from machines
- construction of production lines
- reconstruction of production line to reduce labor input
-construction innovative products like- high pressure water cutting machine

High pressure water cutting machine is an innovative version of an industrial device created for the needs of enterprises for which precision and timeliness matter, and which companies want to become independent from subcontractors. The advantage of the device is the price which is even four times lower than the cheapest industrial devices on the market. The innovations are the size of the device that allows its installation in any place and free transport, or a specially designed housing that protects the workshop against the spread of water.This opens the door to a variety of Waterjet application acros different industries including stone, metals to aerospace and textiles. Waterjet can cut fiber- reinforced material , reflective materials, uneven surfaces and stacked layers of different materials.

The company have a wide product range and can make adaptions based on customers’ needs. This makes it suitable in many different industries. Their products is mainly targeted at services companies as well as artists and craftsmen dealing with handicrafts in the advertising industry. Recipients can also be scientific institutions and universities.
The company is looking for partners whom they can offer their expertise in production automation and applications in form of technical cooperation agreement and services agreement
It is possible also distribution services agreement.

Advantages & innovations

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-young, educated specialists with innovative ideas, - wide product range witch can make adaptions based on customers’ needs The company offers its services and know-how to companies interested in: - higher production rates and increased productivity, - more efficient use of materials, - better product quality, - shorter workweeks for labor and reduced manufactory lead times, -higher output and increased productivity.

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Already on the market

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The company is interested in develop their activities abroad ,it could be any type of cooperation. Services Agreement: - the type of cooperation depends on the needs of the client Cooperation Agreement: - any type of entity: companies, universities or research and technology centres - interested in production automation Distribution services agreement -clients interested in selling or using the products made by the company

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University,SME 51-250,>500