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Polish innovative company dealing in the construction of machinery for a specific customer order is looking for reliable suppliers of various materials from power hydraulics field

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Machine tools, other metal working equipment (excl. numeric control)


A Polish SME specializes in construction and reconstruction of production lines for automatic loading of raw material, unloading, intelligent logistics with maintenance free use is looking for a producer of high pressure water pumps, pipes, valves, manometers, water jet cutting head and any other parts of elements of power hydraulics under a supplier agreement.



This ambitious company was established in 2016 and its headquarters sre located in north- eastern part of Poland. The mission of the company's brand is to provide and promote cost-effective, innovative solutions in the field of material processing technology, using electromechanical devices that manipulate machine shop tools using computerized programming inputs (cnc material processing). Accessibility, innovation and efficiency are the values that guide this ambitious team. The machines are built from scratch with programming, design, construction and implementation on site. The reliability of the machines is ensured by using high-quality, long-life spare parts, wear parts and consumables.

The company is looking for parts of elements of power hydraulics like:
-high pressure water pumps
-high pressure systems up to 600 bar
-accessories for high pressure water pumps : high pressure valves, wires, manometers
-water jet cutting head
-high pressure tubes, connectors and fittings
-plotter control systems, servo motors

The Polish company is looking for foreign suppliers from the power hydraulic industry to conclude supplier agreement. The Polish partner is looking for reliable foreign suppliers of high-quality materials with competitive prices for the joint development of new products and for long-term supply relationships. In accordance with this agreement, the terms of delivery and the volume of delivered products will be agreed upon after the first contact with a potential supplier.

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The Polish company is looking for producers of high quality hydraulic equipment, such as high pressure water pumps. High-pressure equipment will be required with working pressure in the system up to 600 bar, up to 1200 bar, up to 3200 bar, up to 4000 bar; water flow up to 3 l per minute; power up to 18k. Equipment will be used for a machine construction.

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Type - SME, large companies, companies producing accessories for high pressure water pumps : high pressure valves, wires, manometers, water jet cutting head, high pressure tubes, connectors and fittings, plotter control systems, servo motors Role - The European partner will have to manufacture and supply high quality equipment to the Polish company. More specific terms of delivery and payment will be discussed after the first dialogue with a potential supplier.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250