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A Polish LED company is looking for manufacturing agreement with led profiles

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Electronic engineering
Lighting, illumination
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Other energy production
Manufacture of metal structures and parts of structures
Manufacture of electric lighting equipment


A Polish innovative LED lighting company with an interesting design is looking for a manufacturing agreement. The company was established in 2003 and has a strong position in the Polish and international markets. The company realized international cooperation with the Netherlands, Germany, Slovakia, France, Lithuania, Hungary and Portugal and now is looking for new opportunities.



A Polish company from Warsaw was founded in 2003 and already has more than 10 years of experience. The company is still improving lighting technology solutions with good recommendations and realization of interesting projects.

The company has been intensively focused on the development and production process of innovative solutions of the lighting system and custom made LED lights system to the clients' needs. A Polish company is specialized in the production of intelligent led lighting systems. The company is looking for a few types of aluminium profile (from 18 to 73 mm width). The Polish innovative company is looking for a reliable partner from UE and outside.

The company is looking for a manufacturing agreement with a potential business partner for a competitive price with an original, innovative and simple design. Also, the company is open to cooperate with industrial partners such as building designers in lighting range, luminaires, and companies that deal with lighting assembly. The Polish company can support the business partner in designing and production of lighting systems. The company should have a good organization during the production process and logistics.

The Polish company already realized an international agreement with the Netherlands, Germany, Slovakia, France, Lithuania, Hungary and Portugal. The Polish company has knowledge of how to cooperate with international business partners.

Advantages & innovations

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The most important advantages and innovation positions are: -high-quality products at a relatively low price, -design office allows preparing projects tailored to the customers, -products with an interesting design, high quality, and functionality, -very good organization of the company during the production process, -very good organization during the logistic process, -well experienced company in international cooperation.

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The Polish company is looking for a few types of aluminum profiles (from 18 to 73 mm width) and the process of production should take less than 3 months.

Stage of development

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Already on the market

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A Polish company is looking for an experienced manufacturer of led light and light fittings, conventional and design light fittings, indoor and outdoor lights having a wide range of products. The company is looking for an experienced manufacturer of aluminium profiles which is able to: - produce few types of aluminium profiles (from 18 to 73 mm width), - the process of production takes less than 3 months, - profiles have good quality, - profiles can be delivered to Poland.

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SME 11-50,SME 51-250