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A Polish maker of honey mead seeks trade intermediaries

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A Polish meadery is offering honey mead aged up to 21 years in oak barrels, honey wines and liqueurs. Alcoholic beverages are made on the basis of wildeflower honey and spring water. The company is looking for distributors or commercial agents to sell their alcohol worldwide.



The meadery from North Eastern Poland is offering its products like meads, honey wines and liquers under distribution or commercial agency agreement.
The tradition of honey mead production goes back to 1958, in the historical bulilding from 1868 located near famous teutonic castle.

Alcoholic beverages are made exclusively from wildeflower honey coming from the cleanest region in Poland. These honeys have a delicate velvet taste and are made by the natural fermentation of honey with water and with the addition of precious yeast strains. They are aged for many years in oak barrels, naturally clarified without influence of high temperature, thanks to which they retain all its values. They have a unique taste and high nutritional value. A long aging period harmonizes the taste and aroma of mead. The natural process of sedimentation allows to obtain a clear drink of golden shade of amber.

The company's products:
1) Meads
- one and a half mead 16% Alc.: 1 part honey, up to ½ part water
The most valuable is aged in barrels for 21 years. It is distinct in taste and very intense in bouguet.
- one and one mead 15% Alc.: 1 part honey and 1 part water
2) Honey wines 12-13% Alc. - fruit wine with the addition of mead flavored: clove, allspice, raspberry or mint.
3) Liqueur 30% Alc. - based on honey with cherry, plum, quince or elderberry flowers.

The company is looking for a distribution services agreement or a commercial agency agreement with partners with good knowledge of the local market.

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- mead is made on the basis of natural, wildflower honey, - unsaturated honey retains its natural taste, flavour and healthy values, - prestigious awards in Poland, - appreciation and recognition among connoisseurs, - mead is made in a historical building site from 1868.

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Already on the market

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The meadery is looking for trade intermediaries which would like to represent Polish company's products in the local markets. Potential partners might be: - distributors like gourmet supermarkets, market chains and stores, either physical or online - commercial agents with developed contacts with wholesalers and retailers who are seeking to increase their portfolio.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500