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Polish manufacturer of communication and car antennas and various connectors is looking for manufacturing & subcontracting agreements

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Other communications (not elsewhere classified)
Other electronics related (including keyboards)
Other electronics related equipment
Other electronics related (including alarm systems)
Other Industrial Products (not elsewhere classified)
Manufacture of other rubber products
Manufacture of other plastic products
Treatment and coating of metals
Manufacture of electronic components
Manufacture of communication equipment


Polish company producing communication and car antennas and various connectors for automotive, electronic and cable television industries, being also a provider of metal processing services is interested in manufacturing and subcontracting agreements.



Polish company operating on the market since 1964 and with a very good reputation as a manufacturer of various antennas and connectors as well as a renderer of services like machining, chipless forming, plastic processing and manual assembly is offering manufacturing and subcontracting agreements. An extensive range of their products covers car antennas and antenna equipment, communication antennas for frequency bands up to 1800 Mhz, high-frequency coaxial connectors, high-frequency connectors for electroacoustic devices like JACK, DIN, etc., TV-SAT trunk connectors, antenna and net equipment and F connectors for TV-SAT and CATV, GPA – 6,3/250 fuse socket with "CE" safety mark, electromechanical contact components and other products.
The company may manufacture above mentioned products or their components for a potential long-term partner who needs to complement its manufacturing process with certain parts and elements or has no capacity to manufacture more.
They are also interested in subcontracting agreements in the case of turning and bending of metals and processing of plastics. They work with copper alloys, stainless steel, carbon steel and aluminum. They provide turning services in the diameter range from 2 mm to 70 mm and offer galvanic coating.

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The company collaborates with more than 300 firms all over the world. They manufacture components, parts, electronic subassemblies and full items of premium class according to ISO and automotive standards. All these are designed for automotive, electronic and cable television industries as well as for research purposes.

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A potential partner should be interested in a long-term cooperation. As for the manufacturing agreement, a partner seeking components complementing its products is sought. The same refers to companies with no capacities for further production. Clients wishing to subcontract the processing of metals are also being searched. A potential partner should consider long-term cooperation.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500


Samples of their work


Samples of their work