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A Polish manufacturer of food products is looking for distributors in foreign markets

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The Polish company of food products is looking for business partners in the EU and from the other countries. The company has long-term experience in developing and producing high-quality food products: spiritual aromas, backing additives, food additives like gelatine, soda, citric acid. The company wants to establish long-term business cooperation in the framework of a distribution services agreement.



The Polish food company with sixty years of experience on the market offers high-quality products. The company has very well equipped laboratories where use own recipes are being developed.
The Polish company offers:

-spiritual aromas of different taste: aromas mix, orange, lemon, rum, arrack, vanilla, almond, cream, pineapple,
- baking additives: vanilla sugar, baking powder,
- food additives: gelatine, baking soda, citric acid.

Recently, the company has joined the group of companies licensing its products with the international crossed-out seal. The sign guarantee of safe, proven, gluten-free products. Therefore, they can be recommended to people on a gluten-free diet and celiac disease.

The company is open to manufacturing products under foreign brands on request.

The company is looking forward to meeting a partner as a distributor to expand its business field of food products.
The desired partner should be able to understand the distribution and product lines.

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Advantages and Innovations: - the company achieves a high quality of products by closely monitoring the entire production process by qualified staff of technicians and inspectors, -precise selection of the highest quality raw materials, by carefully composing them, up to deliver on time to the recipients, -all intermediates and products undergo, at each stage of production, thorough testing at a specialist testing laboratory, which keeps them consistently at high quality and meets the required market standards, -in the interest of the environment and human safety, the company has committed to implementing technologies that minimize emissions, energy consumption, water and waste generation.

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Already on the market

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The company is looking for partners with a strong position in the distribution market. Business partners should have a highly developed sales and distribution network. The company wants to reach food and beverage wholesalers, food trade networks, groceries, and general stores. The company is ready for long-term business cooperation in the framework of a distribution services agreement.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250,>500


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