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The Polish manufacturer of furniture and facades made of reclaimed timber offers cooperation under a manufacturing and services agreement

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The Polish company is specialised in manufacturing of unique furniture and facade made of old wood. It offers timber wall decors, facade planks and furniture. The wood is obtained from barns, cottages or bridges, then cleaned, dried, brushed, and impregnated with natural and modern methods. The company offers its services of designing and is also interested in acting as a subcontractor or cooperate under manufacturing agreement.



The Polish company has been present on the furniture market since 2009. The company gathers carpenters, artists and architects. It manufactures furniture and facades from old, reclaimed and new wood, offers decorative wood wall planks.
The raw material from which the products are made is wood (even several hundred years old) obtained from the demolition of old cottages, barns or farms, and then cleaned, naturally impregnated and made available in the form of decorative boards serving as wall panels.
The product adds warmth and character to the modern, minimalist interiors of private houses and apartments as well as public spaces. Wall decors made of old wood perfectly decorate a space behind a TV in the living room or bed in the bedroom, or even could cover the whole wall.
Thanks to the skills of experienced craftsmen, the company offers also 3D wood wall decors.
- facades boards. Reclaimed wood is cleaned, dried, brushed, and impregnated with natural and modern methods. Thanks to this, wood, despite the passage of up to 80 years, becomes not only more beautiful, but also more solid and more resistant to abrasion. Reclaimed boards are perfect for buildings in the rustic style and in modern buildings with a geometric forms.
- unique furniture made of old wood - minimalist design, unique tables, cabinets finished with black lacquered steel, wooden furniture in non-standard shapes. The company has manufactured unique naturally impregnated wood modules resembling honeycombs or wine shelves.

Currently, the company sells products in Poland, Sweden and Germany.
Cooperation is offered in the framework of subcontracting, manufacturing agreement and services agreement:

Subcontracting - the company is open to produce furniture and facades boards as a white-label products.

Services agreement - services of designing furniture, interior designing;

Manufacturing agreement - the Polish company is willing to manufacture tailormade furnitures and facades boards.

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- unique material and design - creation of cozy spaces - environmental friendly - circular economy - designed and made by craftsmen - high quality products

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Already on the market

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The company would like to initiate cooperation under manufacturing agreement or to act as a subcontractor. It would like to reach companies from interior design sector to realize designers projects. The firm is also interested in services agreement to manufacture acording to furniture and panels designed by architects and designers.