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Polish manufacturer of furniture components is looking for distribution or manufacturing agreement

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This Polish company operates in the furniture industry and specialises in the production of furniture components. They manufacture furniture fronts, bent elements, cornices, pelmets and other furniture parts made of solid wood, veneered materials or MDF. The firm is looking for distributors and is also ready to supply a partner with products under a manufacturing agreement.



A company from northwestern Poland has been operating in the furniture industry for nearly 30 years. They specialise in the production of furniture fronts and components. The products used to be handcrafted, but now they are manufactured in a new production facility that has around 12,000 square metres and is equipped with modern machinery. The company has some experience cooperating with foreign partners from UK, Germany, Ukraine and Russia.

The firm offers:
- furniture fronts,
- bent elements,
- cornices, pelmets and other trimmings,
- other furniture parts.
The products are made of solid wood (i.a. oak, ash, pine, walnut, cherry, alder, birch), veneered materials or MDF. The company has its own design office, machining and veneering equipment, a paint shop and a drying room. All the materials are selected carefully so that the final products are of the highest quality and crafted in an environment-friendly manner.

The company aims to diversify its markets and partners in order to lessen dependence on the current ones. Therefore they are interested in a mutually beneficial cooperation under the manufacturing agreement with furniture manufacturers. A role of a partner will be to specify the type, basic parameters, and quantity of the requested product(s). The firm will be, in turn, responsible for manufacturing the ordered products and, if requested, can design them.

In order to achieve its goal, the company is also ready to engage in cooperation under the distribution services agreement. A role of distributors will be to promote the products and find new customers for them. The firm will assist by providing the catalog of the offered products and other advertising materials.

Advantages & innovations

Cooperation plus value: 
- the company uses only environment-friendly sourced and made materials, as confirmed by the FSC Chain of Custody certificate; - the monthly output of the company is approx. 7.000-10.000 m2 of products; - experience (both domestic and international) - the company has been present on the market for over 25 years; - prices that are below the EU average thanks to relatively low labour costs in Poland; - good location near the Polish-German border and the Baltic Sea, - modern, constantly upgraded machine park.

Partner sought

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Manufacturing agreement: - Type of Partner Sought: furniture companies; - Role of Partner Sought: to decide whether he orders standard (available from the catalogue) or custom-made products. If the latter, a partner has to either provide their detailed specification or basic parameters so that the company can design them itself. Distribution services agreement: - Type of Partner Sought: suppliers (importers and wholesalers) of furniture and furniture components, home improvement stores; - Role of Partner Sought: to disseminate information about the products among its clients and to find new customers. A partner will be provided with necessary materials, such as a catalogue of the offered products.

Type and size

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500