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A Polish manufacturer of polyurethane foam mattresses and inserts for upholstered furniture seeks distributors and production partners.

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A Polish supplier for the furniture branch, specialized in polyurethane foam custom made mattresses, both standard and for medical purposes, and components also made of polyurethane foam, used as ready-made inserts for upholstered furniture, is looking for foreign distributors. The company is also interested in orders for the production of these products under a subcontracting agreement.



This Polish company has been operating on the furniture market for more than 20 years. The company specializes in furniture components made of polyurethane foam, such as: uncoated mattresses, used as furniture inserts; separately sold mattresses, both standard and for medical purposes; furniture inserts used in armchairs and sofas (seats and backrests). These products are made in foam and spring technology, they are uncovered foams of various types and shapes, glued and assembled. The company deals with services as well: cutting, milling and gluing (solvent and water glues). Offered products are characterized by a precise, manual finish. The company wants to work with partners who have experience in the industry - distributors or production companies looking for subcontractors, ready to produce the above described or similar products.

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- long-standing presence on the national market, - cooperation with renowned furniture manufacturers in Poland, - long history in teamwork with Scandinavian countries, - availability of machines and tools capable of full processing of foam, - availability of various shapes of foam components.

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The company is looking for business partners - distributors with experience in furniture branch, willing to sell offered products on their national and regional markets. There are also sought partners involved in production of furniture or furniture parts that are looking for subcontractors.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250