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Polish manufacturer of recreational water go-karts is looking for distributors abroad

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The Polish SME engaged in construction of pleasure boats is offering 2 models of water go-karts - for one and for two or three persons. They all sit in the same bucket seats, assuring security and ultimate fun feelings. The boats are multifunctional: perfect for rental companies, hotels, family trips, event business, super yachts owners as a dinghy or a water toy. The company is looking for foreign partners to conclude distribution services agreement.



The company from Central Poland region has been operating since 2015. It specializes in manufacture of water go-karts made of composite materials. The current portfolio comprises two models: for one and for two/three persons (lengths 246 or 300 cm). The boat equipped with 9.9hp and 15h.p engines can be operated in many countries without need to have motorboat license.
The company is already active in an international collaboration having partners in Germany and in Belgium. In view to further expansion they are interested in finding foreign partners from pleasure boats selling sector for signing a distribution services agreement.
As a result of cooperation the Polish company will get an opportunity to enter foreign markets, expand its brand recognition and gets regular orders for its production from the foreign partners. The quantity and conditions will be discussed with each partner individually. The partners will get a reliable supplier of high-quality products and expand theirs product range.

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Water go-karts are characterized by following features. Safety: due to width of the hull, and low COG (Center of Gravity) the boat ensures feeling of confidence, both when overcoming waves, as well as in sharp turns. It is impossible to flip it over at normal exploitation conditions. Bucket seat keeps the driver firmly inside. The boat are unsinkable. Basic equipment includes fire extinguisher and emergency telescopic paddle. Convenience: big onboard storage can be used to take some personal stuff for longer trips, electric bilge pump helps to get rid of any water that gets inside, 19 liters fuel tank assures up to 5 hours operation autonomy. Easy operation: even beginners will not have problems with operation. The boat is equipped with electric starter, car-like steering wheel, control box, and basic gauges informing about revolutions, fuel level, time of operation and battery charging. Ecology: electric engines can be installed for the areas where combustion engines are not allowed. But even combustion engine usage in full speed consumes from 3 to 8 times less fuel compared to water jet-ski.

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Type of partner: Trade company. It can be a company who is already a dealer of other boat or marine equipment producers. Field of activity: The offer is addressed firstly to distributors and dealers who can represent the Polish company and who can sell go-karts in their countries. Secondly, networks of hotels located by the water are sought, who want to offer their guests spending time on vessels. Companies or organizations that deal with renting or chartering boats or other watercrafts might be also potential partners. Role of potential partner: Willingness to distribute the products of the Polish company in its region/country.


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