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Polish manufacturer of self-service touchless car wash is looking for agents

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Polish company specializing in the production of self-service, touchless car washes is looking for a long-term international cooperation on the basis of manufacturing or commercial agency agreement. The company delivers customizable car washes, designed in accordance with client’s needs, delivered and assembled on a dedicated site, and with servicing and maintenance support - therefore the client is provided with a comprehensive service.



Polish manufacturer of self-service, touchless car washes is providing a complete service of setting up a car wash – starting from design, through building the shed with professional floor, assembly of washing appliances, up to performing warranty and non-warranty service.

The company offers two types of car wash construction.
A container-based car wash is the most advanced and technologically efficient type of a self-service, touchless car wash which requires to be put in a special container (outside) or in a building (inside). The second type, a modular car wash, is a more ergonomic type recommended for limited spaces.

The basic product offered is a touchless car wash (container or modular build). Car wash has different, built-in cleaning facilities – for “initial” cleaning with micro-powder, for difficult dirt (such as grime) with a brush, for rinsing, waxing and final rinsing with demineralized water. In addition, each car wash has an EuroKey system installed, allowing the customer to use an electronic key as a prepaid card.

The car wash components are reliable and of the highest quality, such as CAT and Hawk pumps, Siemens engines, ABB frequency converters, ACV and AO Smith fired heater, Burkert and Asko solenoid valves, Dosatron dispensers, WAGO and EATON electric accessories and R+M accessories for high-pressure appliances. It is worth indicating that micro-powder dispenser, dashboards and construction frameworks are made of stainless steel, ensuring their long and flawless operation.

Each appliance and each car wash design may be adjusted to individual needs of a client or to the local conditions (such as terrain or weather conditions).

It is possible to use different types of heating appliance in the car wash: either gas, oil or electric boiler.

All elements used are made of stainless steel, which guarantees high durability and resistance to unfavourable conditions (caused by the weather and constant water usage).

In addition to customised car washes, the company offers professional vacuum cleaners, carpet beaters and other utilities useful in a car wash. The company provides also complimentary services, such as service support for the car wash and appliances used and provision of professional detergents indispensable for proper operation of a car wash.

The products manufactured by the company are already used and were well-received in the Russian Federation, the Republic of Belarus and in the Slovak Republic.

The company is interested in the following types of long-term, international cooperation:

Manufacturing agreement
The company would like to establish cooperation with a partner in need of a self-service, touchless car wash that would like to use a comprehensive (from A to Z) service of design, manufacturing, delivery and assembly of a car wash, including the servicing and provision of professional cleaning appliances and detergents. The desired outcome of this cooperation would be establishing a long-term business relationship with a direct client from abroad.

Commercial agency agreement
The company would like to establish cooperation with an experienced partner, preferably an agent or representative with a good knowledge of automotive market in the respective country and with an already established network of potential customer, such as petrol stations, supermarkets, and other companies/institutions willing to have a car wash built on their premises. The desired outcome of this cooperation would be having a reliable company representative that could introduce the self-service, touchless car wash manufactured by the Polish company onto the foreign market.

Advantages & innovations

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Vast international experience - more than 100 touchless car washes made in Poland and abroad. Innovative and eco-friendly - already built an energy-efficient car wash powered by photo-voltaic panels. Efficient use of resources - LED lighting considerably decreases the power consumption, electronic dose dispensers ensure controllable use of detergents. Complex service - the company is not only a manufacturer of car washes and washing accessories, but also a distributor of detergents, therefore ensuring compatibility of products used and reliable delivery and maintenance. Counterfeit-proof payment processing devices used - possibility of accepting payment in coins, notes, debit card and prepaid Eurokey. On-line management and instant surveillance - possibility to manage the car wash via online application, with the reception of notifications (alerts) via SMS.

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Already on the market

Partner sought

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Type of Agreement: manufacturing agreement. Type of Partner Sought: any partner, individual or institutional, in need of a company that will design, manufacture, deliver and assemble a touchless car wash in a specified location and provide training on how to operate and maintain this facility. The role of Partner Sought: the partner should be willing to use the services provided by the Polish company related to delivery, assembly of and training on usage of a car wash. The expertise of Partner Sought: none specified, the partner should possess a parcel suitable for construction of a car wash (i.e. with all necessary inputs/outputs (water, electricity) and connected to a road). Type of Agreement: commercial agency agreement. Type of Partner Sought: agents and representatives with knowledge and experience in the automotive industry The role of Partner Sought: the partner sought should be willing to represent the products offered by the Polish company on their respective market. The expertise of Partner Sought: understanding of the automotive sector on a given market (especially the car washes’ sector), knowledge of potential customers (such as petrol stations, supermarkets with appropriate space and in need of a car wash in their vicinity).

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500