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A Polish manufacturer specializing in multimedia solutions offers manufacturing, agency and subcontracting agreements.

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A Polish company is specialized in manufacturing mobile manufacturing, vandal – proof, rotating, secure, professional tablet enclosures dedicated for of all leading brands and also offers special software for content management that is displayed on tablets The company is looking for potential strategic partners from the European Union, as well as, outside the European Union.



A Polish company, which specializes in manufacturing of a web-terminal, has been running their own business since 2005. The experience gained over the years allows the Polish company to apprehend technologically advanced projects, based on modern information carriers. In response to the changing IT market they have introduced a new product to their offer – visually appealing, affordable and small case, equipped with a tablet instead of a traditional computer and monitor. The experience has allowed them to perfectly prepare the tablet cases, based on tablets with systems such as iOS, Android, Windows RT, Windows 10. The convenience of using tablets and their applications needs no encouragement and speaks for itself. Polish company is trying to face up to the abovementioned challenges. The Polish producer is able to adapt his products so that they can be suitable for all of the leading brands such as Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab and MS Surface. It is an innovative solution which is dedicated mostly to marketing, mobile banking, advertising and tourist information. They offer freestanding version of the case for tablets, as well as wall and desk models. The products are widely used in the offices, cultural institutions, schools, universities, business, shopping and tourist centers. They also offer special software for content management that is displayed on tablets. The Polish company is involved in the development, creation, delivery and documentation of the software made for individual customer needs. To meet the needs of the customers, the company offers three order variants: only the case, the case with tablet or more complex order in which there is the case and tablet together with specially designed software. The experience allows them to offer complete solutions which are well – made, more advanced, highly customized and tailored to the marketing needs. Modern and rich design, high quality materials and attractive price are the reason why their products can meet the needs of each and every customer. In the offer, a potential customer can find tablet case specially adapted to the needs of the children and the disabled people. The products are refined in every detail. Starting with the durable metal alloys from which they are constructed, through the security mechanism, the inside velvet protective coating, the specially selected lacquer, to additional rotation and tilting functions. There is a possibility of individual markings. By standards, the products are sold in black. The standard model also has the possibility to make highlighted signs or advertisements. The satisfaction of customers from different business sectors is the best recommendation. The company is constantly looking for some new solutions that will provide greater satisfaction and above all, the safety and comfort of customers.
A Polish company is looking for new business partners for cooperation from any industry, also sales representatives, agents and offer its self as subcontractor. The product is also addressed to individual customers, so the company can fulfill individual and mass orders. The company is looking for a potential business partner form European Union and beyond. Foreign contractors should look for products offered by the Polish company. Polish producers offers a wide variety of products and have the production capacity to sell more on the European Union market and outside. Motivation for choosing manufacturing agreements was dictated by the need for continuous upgrading and improvement of production efficiency by adapting production to the individual needs of foreign individual customers, companies from different industries and diversified foreign markets.

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Main advantages: safe, mobile, vandal proof, tilt able and rotating (Wall, Table, Top). - Tabletop version can be integrated with payment systems and designed primarily for exposure at points of sale. - Wall-mounted casing optimum for mounting on vertical surfaces Depending on the needs of the promotional plans of the companies that decide to purchase them, tablet cases have got the following functions: - electronic informants and guides; - multimedia presenters; - virtual interviewers; - virtual maps and guides; - virtual consultants and vendors; - product catalogue; - music and video boxes; - smart marketer; - opinion service; - interactive self-service points; - access control systems; - platforms with incentive or loyalty contests, and in any other way that may come to creative minds of marketing professionals. Company may design a tablet enclosures compatible with any tablet model. High quality materials, competitive prices and reliability. Production tailored to the needs and requirements of the customer. Promptness and robustness of product preparation. Wide range of applications allows vendors to use the product in many industries. Small dimensions and low weight make it easy to transport. Low transport costs and easy to assemble.

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A Polish company is looking for new business partners from any industry, sales representatives, agents and offer its self as subcontractor. The company would like to establish a long-term cooperation with companies that will be interested in purchasing the products of the Polish company. The company has got extensive experience in co-operation with European and non-European market, but does not require the same from future partners. Manufacturing agreement with IT manufacturers who want to enhance their sales offerings and companies from different industries who want improve their services by using innovative solutions. Subcontracting agreement for other companies from the IT sectors that need additional production capacities. Commercial agency agreement with agents that could represent its products in specific markets, especially those who are involved in the creative and advertising industry and knowing the specificity of the local region.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500