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A Polish medical university is looking for commercial agreement for its innovative device used in surgical treatment of scoliosis

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Surgical instrumentation and equipment


A Polish medical university has designed and produced a surgical instrument that is used for the surgical treatment of scoliosis. As it is ready to be introduced to the market, the university is looking for commercial and license agreements with foreign partners worldwide.



A leading Polish medical university has carried out a research which enabled a creation of innovative device, used during hospital treatment of spinal curvature - scoliosis. The main purpose of surgical treatment of scoliosis is to inhibit the progression of spine deformation, as well as correct the already existing scoliosis.

A result is a small surgical instrument by means of which a surgeon can grab the lopsided vertebrates and rotate them until they have reached the correct position. It is equipped with a dedicated indicator through which it is possible to specify the critical corrective force which may be applied during the conducted surgery. Thanks to this solution, the proposed device allows greater and safer direct derotation of a spine in the course of surgical treatment of scoliosis.

As the product is on a TRL-8 level, the university is willing to transfer intellectual property rights to a partner that would like to become a sole owner of this technology under a commercial agreement. Technical assistance in implementing production of the device might be provided. Other possibility for foreign partner is to obtain a license in order to manufacture and sell this product after paying a license fee.

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This device is an integral part of entire derotating system, applied during surgical treatment of scoliosis. It was made with the use of stainless material, compliant with the requirements of manufacture of surgical instruments and it may be subjected to multiple processes of washing and disinfecting. It is capable of adopting to the selected direct derotation system. Apart from inhibiting the progression of scoliosis, it enables liquidation of costal hump which improves the quality of life of patients to a significant degree. Introduction to use of this tool is a significant step towards improving derotation technique on which, for the most part, the surgical treatment of scoliosis is based. It is expected that the described product will become a permanent element of all systems for scoliosis correction, impacting the improvement of treatment results through safe shift of derotation to the level of correction of the remaining components of deformation in scoliosis. The author of this invention, in the course of original and unique on a world scale test, managed to define the maximum and thus safe scope of derotation possible to be reached during surgery. Based on the obtained test results he construed and adequately calibrated it. This allows safe and more effective spinal derotation. At present, there are no similar tools which would improve the maneuver of direct derotation to such extent on the market of orthopedic tools.

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The university is looking for partners, most preferably from life science sector, that will bring this technology to the market on a large scale. Experience in research, development, implementation and commercialisation of medical products would be an advantage. They are open to cooperate with foreign companies that are interested in signing a license agreement or a commercial agreement under which intellectual property rights to this invention would be transferred. Ideal partners are manufacturing companies, suppliers of medical devices and technologies or other entities that have capabilities to commercialise such a device.

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SME 11-50,University,R&D Institution,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500


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