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Polish private company with the know-how of the power transmission industry is offering cooperation based on Joint Venture as well is offering to become a subcontractor

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A Polish company providing specialist construction services for the power industry is looking for partners in the range of joint venture and subcontracting cooperation.



The company was founded in 1976 as a unit of Energy Service Company in the Eastern District and since the beginning of its activity has specialized in electrical services. Alongside the technological and market development the company was gaining the know-how and its business prospered. Nowadays, the company is a private company providing high-specialized solutions as an Engineering Procurement Construction contractor (EPC contractor) for the power transmission industry.

The main field of company’s activity is divided on three cores of activity: designing, building and modernizing high-voltage power transmission lines (OHTL – OverHead Transmission Lines) and substations for power grids operators. The company is offering comprehensive project realization starting from the engineering, through construction, modernization, repairs, ending at commissioning and start-up operations of the power transmission infrastructure.

The company executes a wide range of services tailored to individual needs and specific requirements. The main purpose is enable their clients to meet the challenge of ensuring safe and reliable energy supplies to their end users. Moreover the company advises the best solutions and then the company puts them into practice. Each project carried out by the company was completed on time.

The company is offering cooperation in the field of joint venture and is looking for partners with supplementary skills and resources to set up a new projects. The company is looking for business partners who are interested in expanding their portfolio on the Polish and Middle East markets.

As well the company is offering the subcontracting cooperation as a Engineering Procurement Construction contractor. The company is offering consultancy and support for companies interested in starting operations in Poland. As an experienced EPC contractor the company has an opportunity in planning, design and implementation of projects in the power transmission industry.

The company is interested in cooperation with companies from all the world, including in particular: Turkey and Spain as well in Saudi Arabia, South Korea, USA, UEA and Egypt.

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I. An innovative solutions and working with the most modern equipment as well technologies; II. Using of high and innovation technology of products; III. Team of highly qualified specialists; IV. Wide and long-lasting experience on the Polish and international markets; V. Experience with implementing projects for a government investor in Poland in the field of High Voltage (HV) transmission lines and substations; VI. Number of completed projects in 2007-2019: 190; VII. Number of ongoing projects: 26; VIII. International field of business activity - registered business activity in Saudi Arabia.

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The company is willing to cooperate with foreign SMEs and larger companies from Turkey and Spain as well Saudi Arabia, South Korea, USA, UEA and Egypt. On the Middle East markets the company is interested in cooperation with companies to create a consortium/partnership to apply for tenders by Saudi or others Middle East countries investors in OHTL and substation area. In connection with that the company has the required experience and references, the potential partner is not required reference in electric area. On European markets – cooperation as a consortium and participation in tenders organized by government rail and road investors. The company is looking for partners with experience and completed projects within last 5-7 years for tenders organized by road & railway investors.

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>500 MNE,SME 51-250


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Egypt, South Korea, Spain, Turkey, USA