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A Polish producer of personnel management systems is looking for distributors for its innovative solution for monitoring the work of employees and their safety

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A Polish company dealing with the production of personnel management systems and their safety is looking for distributors willing to cooperate. The company offers an innovative system combining, among other things, unattended registration of working time, its optimal use and security monitoring. All these elements are available in the form of an electronic card equipped with the Internet of Things technology. This system is a response to a real need and a noticeable gap in the market.



A Polish company, operating on the market since 2019, wants to start long-term cooperation based on a distribution agreement with entrepreneurs from Western European countries. The main profile of the company's activity is the production of technologically advanced solutions, including a personnel management system. The company offers its solutions to new customers. It provides great support in companies where compliance with health and safety regulations is particularly important - when working with heavy equipment, on production lines, at heights or with hazardous substances. It takes care to comply with safety regulations and detects and reports dangerous events.
Moreover, the system supports remote work without the need to use a computer by an employee. The system can successfully replace traditional work time registration systems in companies working in office mode. It will make it possible to check how employees work, whether they are not wasting their working time, how they move around the company, as well as ensure that unauthorised persons do not reach places of special importance. The system will detect abuses and remind employees of breaks, holidays or inform them that a short exercise will do them good.
In the case of companies or factories with more than one location and working in different buildings on a daily basis, it will allow for comparison of the methods and effects of work in different locations and thus give a chance to optimise work processes.
What is more, the system has also been adapted to the needs of schools and educational institutions. The card can serve as an electronic school shield, a student's diary, a platform for communication between teacher and student and a library card. The card can automatically check school and class attendance and the SOS button will allow students to report a dangerous situation and get quick help. In the event of a pandemic, the card will also remind you of the need to wash and disinfect your hands and to check that there are not too many people in one place.

The main assumption of the system is the maintenance-free provision of reliable data to the employer on the use of working time and assistance in supervising the daily tasks of employees. The device was designed so that it did not have to collect sensitive data, and was based only on the statistical analysis of movement measured by the sensor built into the card.

The projected cooperation will consist of making this system available to both small and large foreign companies with business and technological experience. The company would like to sign long-term distribution agreement.

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The system offered by the company eliminates the weaknesses of the working time recording systems used so far. It is completely maintenance-free, not only records entries and exits but also provides insight into what is happening with the employee throughout the working day. It shows how an employee uses time and helps to optimize his activities. In addition, the system detects the same cards and reports it automatically. Although there are devices on the market that support the detection of accidents and unfortunate events in the workplace, they most often require additional infrastructure that entails additional costs. The offered system is also created to take care of the safety of employees and inform the employer about possible unfortunate events. The cards are equipped with an SOS button, which allows you to immediately report a threat faster than with other methods. There is no similar solution on the market that would combine so many different functions in one system. In addition, it is an economical solution - the cards are equipped with solar batteries, they can be charged, for example, on the windowsill or dashboard of the car. The main benefits of using the system: - total automation of work time management and its safety - eliminating the need for actions on the part of the employee apart from carrying a card with him/her; - automatic detection of fraud related to working time registration and employee identification; - automatic analysis of time usage; - automatic detection of the use of personal protective equipment; - automatic detection of accidents, falls and impacts; - providing information on working time, breaks and holidays not only for the employer but also for the employee; - avoiding the need to collect biometric data; - low maintenance costs;

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The Polish company wants to start cooperation with companies which can afford to implement the system and have experience on the market. For this purpose the firm is looking for an experienced institution that distributes applications supporting human resources management processes in the organization. The role of the Partner will be acquiring and cooperating the distribution of the application with future customers. The company is ready to sign distribution services agreement.

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>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500