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Polish producer of premium-quality jarred meat products is looking for agents and distributors

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A Polish company from the food industry specialises in the manufacturing of jarred meat products. Only carefully-selected, lab-tested materials (poultry, pork, beef) are used to make premium sausages, shanks, pâtés etc. Production methods preserve structure, taste, aroma and nutritional values of meat and natural additives. The firm is interested in the partnership within the framework of the commercial agency agreement or distribution services agreement.



A family-owned SME from the north-western part of Poland has been operating in the food industry for nearly 25 years. It's specialised in the sale of processed meat products and has a local chain of eight stores. The firm has recently broadened its activities and started manufacturing its own products,

The company is offering jarred meat (poultry, pork, beef) products, including various:
- sausages,
- shanks,
- pâtés,
- black pudding,
- brawn,
- lard,
- luncheon meat,
- smoked meat.
The products contain premium meat that comes from the firm's own abattoir and undergoes thorough laboratory testing (both in terms of its safety and quality). All the recipes and the production technology have been carefully developed and are continually fine-tuned. The company avoids artificial preservatives, it uses natural additives and seasonings such as garlic, bear's garlic, coarse ground black pepper. The products are packed in 230g jars and pasteurised.

The company strives to build up its revenue streams and diversify away from the Polish market by establishing a presence in foreign countries. Thus, it is offering cooperation under commercial agency and distribution services agreements to companies dealing in premium food products. The firm looks for a partner with knowledge of a local market and an extensive network of contacts. Distributors will be expected to select products from the assortment and include them in their offer, specify the requested quantity, delivery date and destination, and to promote the products among final customers. Responsibility of agents will be to market the products through their channels, find new customers for them and assist in the negotiations. Both distributors and agents will be presented with a complete product assortment, and supplied with the samples and other marketing materials. The company will also take care of deliveries. Other details of the partnership will be discussed and agreed during negotiations between the interested parties.

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- the company carefully selects and test all the raw materials using their state-of-the-art, certified laboratory to provide high-quality, premium products. - compared with other producers that sterilise their products in very high temperatures, the offered products are pasteurised - a process that preserves meat structure, taste, aroma and nutritional values. - competitive prices compared with the ones offered by the West European companies - thanks to relatively low labour and production costs in Poland. - short delivery time - thanks to a favourable location near the Polish-German border and maritime shipping lanes.

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Already on the market

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Commercial agency agreement: - Type of Partner Sought: industry, particularly companies with a network of contacts among chain stores, wholesalers and retailers of food products. - Role of Partner Sought: a partner will have to promote the products, find new customers interested in buying them and assist in the negotiations. Distribution services agreement: - Type of Partner Sought: industry, particularly companies with a network of contacts among chain stores, wholesalers and retailers of food products. - Role of Partner Sought: a partner is expected to select and order products from the assortment, introduce them to his offer, and to promote and distribute them through his channels.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500