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Polish producer of vertical-axis wind turbines is offering commercial partnership with technical assistance

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A Polish company experienced in machining of steel and cast iron parts is currently offering innovative vertical-axis wind turbines for on-grid, off-grid and hybrid applications. This solution ensures relatively low starting speed and higher power generating efficiency, regardless of wind direction. Products are already available. Commercial agreement with technical assistance is considered.



This company from Poland, experienced in machining of steel and cast iron parts, is a manufacturer of innovative vertical-axis wind turbines with the power of 2.8 kW, 9.8 kW and 19 kW. These turbines are perfect for urban areas where usage of ordinary wind power plants is restricted due to their noisy operation when air turbulences occur.

Vertical-axis wind turbines guarantee full efficiency regardless of wind direction and are resistant to strong wind (operating capability even at wind speed exceeding 40 m/s). The structure is simpler and cheaper than in horizontal-axis wind turbines and allows rooftop installation without the necessity to build high towers or masts supporting the wind turbine. Starting speed is relatively low (around 1 m/s) while power generating efficiency is higher than in conventional wind turbines, which is guaranteed by innovative design and the shape of rotor blades.

There are many possible applications of vertical-axis wind turbines including family housing, farms and commercial buildings. Low power turbines can be combined with photovoltaic cells in hybrid systems, or used to power up hybrid lamps.

Patented design, innovative characteristics has been confirmed by tests performed by independent researchers from one of the Polish universities.

Commercial agreement with technical assistance is sought. This product can be used in multiple applications in the construction or renewable energy industry. Partners would receive guidance concerning possible uses and configurations.

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Innovative structural design of vertical-axis wind turbines is based on the use of aluminum blades made of single blocks, which significantly reduces the cost of production when compared to blades with riveted sheathing. Single block profile is also smoother, without surface faults such as protruding rivets or gaps that cause turbulences. Blades end with asymmetrical winglets that eliminate air swirls. Internal profile reinforcement ensure proper strength and compensate high centrifugal forces. Uniform turbine performance in any working conditions is ensured by the use of drainage holes removing condensate that accumulates in closed profiles if high temperature amplitudes occur. This problem has not been solved by suppliers of competitive products. Advantages of vertical-axis wind turbines: • low starting wind speed (approx. 1 m/s), • noiseless operation, • stability (no vibration), • lack of adjustment mechanisms (wind can blow in any direction), • possibility to install in urban areas and on rooftops, • resistance to very strong wind, • simple structure and durability, • safe for birds, • optimum working parameters can be achieved in any terrain conditions.

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Already on the market

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Type of partner sought: residential and commercial infrastructure administrators, construction companies, lighting companies, renewable energy branch. Partners could incorporate these vertical-axis turbines in their hybrid power supply systems, lighting systems, monitoring systems, etc. There is a wide range of possible applications. Technical assistance regarding possible configurations and installation methods will be provided.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500


Vertical-axis wind turbine features


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Vertical-axis wind turbine


Vertical-axis wind turbine


Vertical-axis wind turbine


Vertical-axis wind turbine


Vertical-axis wind turbine