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A Polish producer of yachts is interested in industrial partners for a subcontracting or manufacturing agreement

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The Polish SME manufacturer of yachts and composites for the shipbuilding industry is seeking a suitable partner operating in the boat industry or representing the boat construction industry. The company is offering services intended for building the yachts and the composite molds intended for the shipbuilding industry. The company is willing to work as a subcontractor or manufacturer of boats.



The Polish SME has been involved in the manufacture of yachts and composite molds intended, among others for the shipbuilding industry. The company designs and offers construction for boats, offers high quality boats models, and the final boat. It offers the production of finished forms of any size, as well as the performance of works on the final material. The SME has professional experience in various work projects and offers production of the items according to specifications provided by client. Moreover, the SME provides the following aspects of ship design and construction:
building cruising catamaran
building power boats
CNC and tooling service
experience in repair and modification of boats.
For industrial partner the SME is able to provide services with the use of the highly accurate, modern, 5-axis, large-size CNC machine.

The following is a list of the most competitive solutions which making the boats more customised:
1. The vast deck accommodates many different areas, outside and inside and can receive various level of comfort and accessories: from open deck style to a close protected cabin with dining and galley, and interior cabin with bathroom.

2. The boats are built using the latest innovations in composite construction methods enhancing strength and lightness for safe and effortless ride.

3. The modern hull bottoms has been engineered to provide a good balance between efficiency in sheltered water area or inland navigation at the same time as a good seaworthiness in open sea.

The company currently sells its products in 10 countries worldwide. Major client destination: EU, China, USA.
The company provides its customers with extensive knowledge and advanced technology systems to create the most effective and durable solutions for boats. In order to increase the performance of international cooperation the company is looking for business partners abroad. The SME is seeking for partners operating in the boat industry, boat projects or with industrial. The SME is offering their services through a subcontracting or manufacturing agreement.

Advantages & innovations

Cooperation plus value: 
Co-operation with a well-established partner in the field of boats industry, who is experienced in transnational co-operation with European distribution partners. The technical support, professional service and design of boats with close cooperation with the final user make that the final products are possibly the most adapted to clients needs. Since 2019, the company’s technical capacities improved thanks to great deal with the cooperation research institutions with a view to tackling more ambitious projects. This great cooperation allows the SME produces more valuable, innovation and customised equipments and final products. It is worth to emphasize that the most offered boats are characterized by the following features: - a fully electric propulsion which is eco-friendly but also 100% autonomous, - a modern construction method, the boats are made of fully infused with vinylester resin, and full carbon epoxy main beams for unbeatable stiffness and weight.

Partner sought

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The company is especially interested in the boat industry and the boat projects.The cooperation would be in the form of a subcontracting or manufacturing agreement. Subcontracting service where Polish company is offering to become a subcontractor to interested shipbuilding and ship design companies abroad. Manufacturing agreement where Polish company is offering to become a producer of yachts and composite molds intended, among others, for the shipbuilding industry.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500