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A Polish research insitute specialised in robotics and automation offers beveling technology

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A Polish research institute of robotics and automation offers innovative beveling technology for industry. This robotic technology can be used for beveling (chamfering) parts made of metal plates. The institute is seeking commercial agreements with technical assistance with manufacturers from various branches, such as the automotive branch, metal processing, mechanical engineering.



A Polish research institute specialized in robotics and automation field offers beveling technology for industry. For gas beveling (chamfering) parts made of plates, the institute has proven position consisting of an industrial robot, the oxygen-acetylene gas installation, twin, massive tables machining, a standard size table top 1.5 x 1.0 meter, igniter and automatic control system. Tables machining are removable, durable countertops with a solid lattice structure, allowing easy attachment retainers machined parts. The robot and the burner are connected via an overload clutch to protect them from damage in the event of minor failure. Work operator involves programming the movements of the robot and then finding parts on the table and start again with the program. During the bevel on the first table, the second is done to remove and finish part of settings a new one.

In addition, the institute offers a similar, but more complex and technologically advanced, very powerful position to bevel the use of plasma torches and aggregates. In this case, the station is equipped with a filtering system, extracts and powerful cover limit the negative effects of dust, noise and radiation arc. These positions are more expensive, but the quality of this running bevel is so high that it does not require any other operations on the resulting surface. Both technologies offer positions designed and completed in accordance with the individual needs of our customers while providing all the requirements applicable safety standards.

A Polish research institute is seeking commercial agreements with technical assistance. It is interested in developing tailor-made solutions for new clients and in identifying further application fields for the robotics beveling.

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-increased productivity - shortening the set-up time, the possibility of chamfering of the bottom and top in a clamping the workpiece, the operator cleans detail at the time when the robot chamfer another - in the embodied positions obtained gains from 200 to 300% being especially complicated details, -stabilize quality at a high level - a significant improvement in the quality of phases - especially in curves and crossing arch-simple, fixed width phase both on straight sections and curved repeatability of the phase on the following details, -improve working conditions - dismiss the operator of the process of thermal metal cutting reduces the risks of burns resulting from the inhalation of vapor and metal oxides and related noise.

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A Polish research institute is looking for the contact with manufacturers who are interested in beveling technology which can solve special problems in the production process. These manufacturing companies could come from various branches, such as the automotive branch, metal processing, mechanical engineering. The research institute is looking for commercial agreements with technical assistance.

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SME 11-50,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500