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A Polish SME seeks distributors of modern water filters and offers to be a subcontractor

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Drinking Water
Water treatment equipment and waste disposal systems


The Polish company is a leading manufacturer of water purification filters and accessories in the country. New solutions are designed and tested in own R&D department. Tailor-made products have enabled international expansion, where the company has received prestigious quality certificates. New trade partners with developed selling networks are sought. Commercial agency or distribution services agreements are offered them. The company offers to be a subcontractor of industrial branch partners.



This Polish company located in the centre of the country specializes in manufacturing and selling water filters, water purification accessories, distribution of high quality breathalyzers (alcohol meters) and fur fasteners. This family owned company has 40 years of experience in water filters market. The portfolio comprises:
reverse osmosis systems, industrial filters, mechanical filtration systems, filters for shower, washing / dishwasher, for ice makers, boiler filters, filters for HoReCa equipment, softeners / iron removers, fountains, purifiers, parts (water feeders, connectors, brackets, clips, housings), consummable material. Company created several own brands of water filters.

The company conducts research, tests solutions before starting sales of products and therefore can take care of their highest quality. It manufactures on site so it has full control over each production stage, which is main requirement of TUV M+T certificate that the company has.
The company is experienced in trans-border activity. The products are sold in 40 countries all over the world. Export sale generates half of company’s income. In view to further expansion the company is looking for new trade partners such as agents, representatives, distributors and fitters of water purification installations. The commercial agency and/or distribution services agreements are envisaged.
The company offers also to be a subcontractor of branch partners from water filters sector. Subcontracting agreement is considered in this case.

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The company’s mission is to provide the best water quality to every home and to care for the environment. It has been present for 40 years on the water treatment market in Europe. The offer comprises a wide choice of filters and accessories at competitive prices. Partners might expect a professional and personalized approach. The company runs own laboratory as well as research and development department, where new solutions are designed and tested. The company follows the latest scientific knowledge in cooperation with universities. Research on water with hydrogen and alkaline water has resulted in creating modern systems. Many of developed solutions are patented. Ability to deliver dedicated products gives the company competitive advantage over importers and assemblers from water filter business. The company has ability to create innovative solutions for different business were quality of water is playing an important role.

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Type of potential partner: trade company, distributors, wholesalers, MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) structures. In case of commercial agency agreement Type of partner sought: agents, trade companies with knowledge and experience in housewares sector The role of partner sought: willingness to represent the products offered by the Polish company on its respective market. In case of distribution services agreement Field of activity: household appliances, sanitary equipment sector, HoReCa Sector. The role of partner sought: - to act as a distributor: to deliver Polish products to its regional or national market In case of subcontracting agreement The type and role of partner sought: industrial company from water filter business willing to contract production of some parts/accessories.