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Polish SME specialised in electricity fittings and manufacturing of switchboards offers manufacturing, outsourcing and subcontracting

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Polish company from West Pomerania, specialized in electrical fittings and switchboards production, offers its services to partners from Germany, Norway, Denmark and Sweden under subcontracting, manufacturing or outsourcing agreement.



The company was established in 2014 and is situated in West Pomerania (Poland), close to A6 motorway, 25 km from German border and 500 km from Danish border.
They offer complex electrical and automation services for companies in all Europe. They are specialized in manufacturing of control panel, switchboards for foreign companies. Additionally, they provide assistance in the manufacturing outsourcing. The company also successfully conducts recruitment procedures in relation to the employees for industrial sector.
They have knowledge, skills and experience enabling production of switchboards of every type in smaller and large quantities. At present they are manufacturing switchboards for companies from cooling, printing, ventilation and wind turbine industries incl. offshore.
They perform serial fittings but also implement individual projects. Each product manufactured in this company is subject to careful and detailed quality control in scope of visual and functional properties. Their products meet all the client’s expectations and are in compliance with the provided documentation.
Presently this SME cooperates with several companies that have transfered a part of their switchboard production to them.
They wish to broaden their international co-operation offering their services under outsourcing agreement, manufacturing agreement or subcontracting agreement to partners from Scandinavia and Germany.

Advantages & innovations

Cooperation plus value: 
The company presents top level of service quality for a reasonable price. Cooperation with this company enhances the competitiveness of other companies and their capital increases when labor shortages occur. Cooperation with this company secures delivery for control panels especially for machine builders. The company has all necessary utilities to complete each project. That includes materials purchasing and supply for customers' projects. They design full project documentation, offer PLC programming and industrial electrical installation. Their products meet all the client’s expectations and are in compliance with individual customer preferences and applicable standards like IEC/EN or cULus.

Partner sought

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They are looking for contractors, mainly engineering companies that produce their own machines or complete production lines for the industrial sector (including cooling, printing, ventilation and wind turbine industries also offshore) ready to have certain products manufatured by an expert in that specific field or to assign a part of specific contract to them. The company is looking for partners courageous and open to outsourcing. In all three kinds of agreements (manufacturing, outsourcing and subcontracting) they are searching for reliable partners interested in a long-term collaboration.


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Denmark, Germany, Norway, Sweden