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Polish software development company is looking for outsourcing cooperation

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A Polish IT company is looking for long-term, international cooperation. The company specialises in customised software development, outsourcing of IT specialists, implementation of identity and access management systems and Salesforce-based applications. The prospective cooperation should be concluded by outsourcing agreement.



A Polish IT company provides services within the following frames:

1) Custom software development – the company offers customized applications/systems created upon the requirements and specification provided by the client. The company is well-experienced in creation of customized IT solutions. The completed and well-received projects include, among others: self-care systems, e-learning platform dedicated to Swedish pupils to support their efforts in learning for tests and exams, the new platform and website of Tampax, the registering system with the support for maps and geolocation services, iOS and Android mobile applications integrated with the client’s back-end systems.
2) Team-leasing, body-leasing, outsourcing of IT specialists – the company may provide whole teams or individual IT experts, to work on projects remotely or in a home office manner. Depending on the requirements, the HR support is provided as a service, with the possibility of maintaining the constant number of people engaged, and with an elastic contracting model.
3) Implementation of an identity and access management platform – the company is a certified partner of Forgerock in Poland. Identity and access system ensure secure management of client’s identity and data, e.g. it is possible to include Single Sign-On system that extends over many different systems. The company provides the services of selling the license, implementing the platform and integrating it with the client’s system.
4) Implementation and development of applications based on Salesforce.

The company would like to establish cooperation on the basis of outsourcing agreement.

The company would like to establish cooperation with any type of company that is in need of a reliable outsourcer that could provide expert services in software development. The desired outcome of this cooperation would be an agreement according to which the Polish company is given the opportunity to provide its services to a foreign company or the Polish experts to support a project on the basis of team- or body-leasing agreement.

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The company specialists are experienced in the following technologies: - Forgerock Identity&Access Management, Single Sign-On, Federation; - Java, Spring, Hiberante, REST, Webservices, XML; - iOS, Android; - JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Angular, RWD; - Salesforce. What is more: - Forgerock IAM and Salesforce systems are worldwide known and well-acclaimed, undisputed leaders in their specialities (identity management and customer relationship management systems, respectively); - outsourcing services offered by the Polish company may be used in almost each and every business entity that creates and develops software with the use of Java; - the company provides unique, bespoke IT solutions.

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Type of Agreement: outsourcing agreement. Type of Partner Sought: any company in need of an outsourcer with expertise in software development or willing to lease an individual or a whole team of IT specialists from the Polish company. Role of Partner Sought: the potential partners should be willing to assign some of their obligations related to software development to the Polish company or lease one or many IT experts to assist in their project.

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SME 11-50,University,Inventor,R&D Institution,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500