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A Polish textile company offers production capacity to garment designers under manufacturing or outsourcing agreement

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Clothing, shoes and accessories (including jewellery)
Manufacture of other outerwear
Manufacture of other wearing apparel and accessories


A Polish SME is a leading garment manufacturer in the country providing full set of services for designers looking to bring their brands to the next level. Its references cover 30 years of experience in garment making and a decade in producing for high fashion brands from all over Europe and Japan. The company is open to work with complex designs, specializes in silks and other precious fabrics. The manufacturing and/or outsourcing agreement are considered as cooperation types.



This Polish textile company located in the center of the country specializes in developing dressmaking patterns, modeling the clothes, grading the patterns, marker making, creating the prototypes and CMT (Cut, make and trim) production. CMT perfectly sums up the process of creating clothes. Starting with the cutting of materials, through all the processes taking place in sewing room, through inspection, packaging and shipping of the final product. The company has been in this business for nearly 30 years, which resulted in its exceptional experience in this field.
It is open to work with difficult materials or complex designs. It specializes in silks and other precious fabrics. The offer comprises also digitizing the patterns, file conversion, advisory and consulting services. Apart from this the company can also produce partner's entire collection in full size range at competitive price.
Throughout the years they have established excellent working relationships based on trust and partnership. Their portfolio includes a vast group of foreign and local designers from all corners of the world that regularly entrusts them with turning their ideas into reality.
In view to further expansion new foreign partners are sought. The Polish company is interested in collaboration with fashion designers who are seeking to bring their brands to the next level. Outsourcing agreement is offered in case when some services or processes should be delivered. In case of whole CMT production ordered the manufacturing agreement is considered.

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- Large atelier with capacity of up to 200 samples and patterns per month - Fully digital pattern making studio - Production department with unique triple Quality Control System, with each operation strictly monitored - Cutting department specializing in print placing - A dedicated Garment Techs team monitoring the projects every day and sharing their knowledge openly. Guaranty of 24h response time on all emails. - Fast and efficient project completion.

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Type of potential partner: textile designers and fashion brands In case of manufacturing agreement Partners order ready garment. Polish company takes care about the whole process and prepares production from sketch to delivery on partner's stock. In case of outsourcing agreement Partners, which like to order only part of the process e.g. they supply fabric and the Polish company delivers selected services from its portfolio.