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A Polish university spin-off active in the field of functional masterbatches for polymers and additives for lubricants and cutting fluids is looking for R&D partners

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A Polish university spin-off that implements an innovative group of products constituting functional masterbatches for polymers and additives for lubricants and cutting fluids is looking for R&D partners. The innovation consists in using the properties of low-dimensional carbons in the product design process - graphene and carbon nanotubes.



The products of Polish company are intended for manufacturers of plastics, coatings, lubricants and cutting fluids. They improve their mechanical, electrical and tribological properties. The company's team consists of physicists and chemists, it cooperates with universities in the region, Poland and abroad, as well as with research institutes on the development of materials with given functionalities.

The recipes are part of the company's know-how. As progress is made, some material modifications will be reserved or licensed. At present, works on the technology of manufacturing functional masterbatches and additives to lubricants (advanced materials and tools) are being finalized. The company has additionally taken part in several projects together with other companies applying for grants for:

- Agriculture in the treatment of diseases on carriers of biodegradable plastics,

- Medical and Pharmaceutical industry,

- Engineering industry in the design of cutting fluids for machining with minimal lubrication and cooling with MQL (Minimum Quantity Lubrication).

The company's products stand out, in addition to improving or introducing new functions, access to further modifications. A specialized research staff enables solving current technological problems, performing research at every stage of production and sharing know-how in order to increase the availability of products on the market. This applies to masterbatches and lubricants.

The company sees an advantage in providing services to its customers in designing a product with the use of their substances and introducing changes in the percentage of additives on an ongoing basis in order to finally achieve the assumed goals. Constant cooperation and assistance will allow continuous monitoring and assessment of changes taking place on the market and allow several years of cooperation with various companies and independent R&D units.

The company carries out expert opinions, conducts and supervises external research projects, and cooperates with other R&D laboratories in the implementation of new products based on nanotubes and graphene with enhanced and unique properties.

The company offers 4 ranges of products:
• Functional masterbatches for the plastics, paints and varnish industry (promising market with high individualisation of production).
• Micro-carbons impregnator for operation in extreme conditions of temperature (over 2000 oC) and pressure (over 100 ATM),
• Cutting fluids for industry, including MQL. Available in the form of: emulsions, dispersions and oil. The first tests were carried out at the Rzeszów University of Technology to certify the properties of, among others, for the Aviation Valley in Poland,
• Lubricants (biodegradable) intended for the lubrication of devices with access to water, railway sleepers, agricultural machinery, drilling platforms, etc. (EU, Norway, Germany, France, Poland and others).

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The company implements an innovative group of products which are functional masterbatches based on admixtures in the form of carbon nanotubes and graphene nanoflakes, which change the mechanical and electrical properties of polymers, paints and varnishes. Masterbags designed for plastics increase their mechanical strength, while masterbinders for conductive paints and varnishes, replacing copper or silver, improve electrical conductivity at very low admixture concentrations. The operation of the designed enriching additives for lubricants (level IV) is based on the use of the low-dimensional effect, i.e. the reduction of the dimensions of carbon components, graphene and nanotubes. A small amount of additive to lubricants and cutting fluids drastically reduces the coefficient of friction and improves the wear factor of the lubricated components (V). The admixtures are appreciated and are to be used in the MQL scanty lubrication technology. Standards compliance tests are ongoing (IX).

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The company is looking for R&D to cooperate in such industries as: plastics, chemical, construction, printing and paints,nanotechnologies, automotive industry, aviation industry.

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SME 11-50,University,R&D Institution,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500


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