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Polish welding SME offers subcontracting and manufacturing activity as well is looking for distributors of their semi-finished and finished products

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A Polish welding company is offering cooperation to foreign partners with subcontracting as well manufacturing agreement. The company offers professional services in welding stainless steel, steel, aluminum and copper. Moreover, the company offers the highest quality of bending, trapping, drilling, chamfering and deeping holes, laser cutting. Furthermore, the company is looking for distributors of their products



A Polish company is developing company, established in 2014 and aspiring to be the local leader in the metal working industry. At first, an enterprise had been working on documents preparation , 2D and 3D projects. The company’s services were directed mainly to the small enterprises. The experience gained in this field allowed the company to expand metal processing services as well purchase high class laser cutting and blending steel equipment. Dynamic development of the company and increase the number of orders were the reasons for changing the localization and enlarging production area to 1200m.

Currently, the company is working for companies and individual clients representing a wide spectrum of industry, e.g. metal industry, power engineering, carpentry, IT industry. The company is also manufacturer of the welding table with accessories which are appreciated by German and Dutch clients. The company manufactures semi-finished and finished products tailored to individual projects addressed for both national and foreign clients.

In October 2018 the company has implemented ISO 9001:2015 quality management system and welding system for conformity with the ISO-3834 standard and requirements for steel and aluminum contractors according to PN-EN 1090 standard.

The company has four leading fields of activity. First of all are professional services in welding stainless steel, steel, aluminum and copper. The company is using the MIG (Metal Inert Gas), MAG (Metal Active Gas) and TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) methods which guarantee both excellent working performance as well welding precision. The using of different methods and welding tools enables the company to adapt to the expectations of demanding customers. Second field of company’s activity is laser cutting. The company’s equipment allows cutting sheets of maximum thickness: steel construction sheets up to 25mm, stainless sheets up to 25mm, aluminum up to10 mm, copper up to 10mm. Moreover, the company guarantees the highest quality of bending and at the same time provides high standards with the help of extremely precise tools. That allows to bend the material to the length up to 3 000mm and with pressure up to 170tons. The fourth company’s activity field is based on trapping, drilling, chamfering and deepening holes. High quality staff and top-class equipment guarantee precision and professional service.

The company would like to expand their activity and is offering cooperation based on subcontracting as well manufacturing agreement. Moreover, the company is looking for distributors of their semi-finished and finished products, e.g. mobile and stationary welding tables made of high-alloy steel S355J2+N with 15mm thickness.

The potential partners are sought in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, The United Kingdom, Italy, Austria and Switzerland.

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I. The innovative solutions and working with the most modern equipment as well technologies; II. The highest quality of products range which are useable both in large industrial plants and in smaller welding workshops; III. Dynamic and creative team of professionals; IV. Using of the highest quality methods as MIG (Metal Inert Gas), MAG (Metal Active Gas) and TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas); V. Using of high technology of an assembly instrumentation; VI. Wide range of realized projects.

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From the potential partner the company expects clearly defined quality expectations and delivery punctuality. The company would like to cooperate with partners on the basis of production forecast for both sub-assemblies and services. That will allow for appropriate preparation of production, timely execution of the order and providing the expected quality.

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Austria, Czechia, Denmark, Italy, Norway, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom