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Portable tele-medicine solution for commercial shipping

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A Greek company active in tele-medicine market offers a remote system for handling emergency health incidents on commercial ships and scheduling crew tele-appointments with medical professionals. The system allows health monitoring through various medical devices and further medical consultation with physicians. It is the only FDA (Food and Drug Admin.)-approved marine tele-health solution globally. A licence or commercial agreement with technical assistance with shipping companies is sought.



A Greek company with over 10 years of experience in tele-health solutions is offering a portable, self-contained system for the accurate remote assessment of crewmembers' health on commercial ships and oilrigs.

The system is provided in a solid, watertight and crush-proof design incorporating simultaneously plugged and battery operation mode for outdoor use. Its application allows the real-time on-board communication of crew members with physicians (using the Inmarsat or VSAT/Very Small Aperture Terminal satellite protocols) and it is specially built to perform in rough working environments with limited connectivity (i.e. seagoing vessels).

In its basic version, the system package incorporates diagnostic medical devices such as telephonic stethoscopes, vital signs monitors, spirometers, thermometers, glucose meters and examination cameras. It also supports a wide variety of additional medical instruments such as biochemical analyzers, drug & alcohol diagnostic equipment, digital otoscopes, video ophthalmoscopes, ultrasound probes and x-ray digital radiographies.

The communication with the registered physicians is available on a 24-hour basis through a web-based network platform, which transmits health information gathered from patients, creates electronic records for them and saves the details of the medical sessions on-line using the protocol HL7 (which ensures the compatibility with other e-health systems).

The system is suitable for both emergency incidents and prescheduled tele-appointments with doctors. Among others, it allows authorized physicians to securely access the complete medical records of the patients that they examine, or signpost certain cases to different doctors if needed. Finally, the technology enables crewmembers to ask for a second medical opinion in case they wish so.

The system offered is the only FDA-approved solution for seafaring vessels worldwide. FDA approval is provided by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and it is the most demanding standard for ensuring the quality, safety, and efficiency of health care solutions. Additionally, it is certified by CE, ISO 13485, ISO 27001 and ISO 9001.

The Greek company seeks shipping companies or companies interested in remote healthcare services for a commercial agreement with technical assistance or a license agreement.

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The telehealth system offers the following advantages: - It minimizes non-necessary medical transportation costs, as virtual consultations allow operators to determine which incidents are truly urgent and require off-board interventions, and which can be handled internally with tele-medical assistance. -It provides seafarers with medical care as close to offshore standards as possible. - It maximizes system uptime and crew productivity. - It allows workers to get back to the field in a safe and timely manner by handling emergency health incidents instantly. - It is a clinical solution specially designed to enable remote patient monitoring by trained staff onboard commercial ships.

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The Greek company would like a license or commercial agreement with technical assistance with shipping companies interested in installing tele-medicine systems to their seagoing vessels or oil rigs. The technology could also be suitable for disaster response units, mobile medical facilities, military field hospitals, cruise ships and remote healthcare clinics.

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