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Portuguese based company engaged in the manufacturing of a hygiene and temperature measurement kiosk seeks partners for distribution or commercial agency agreements

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Since 1995, this Portuguese creative technology company has been designing engaging, interactive, multi-touch experiences with digital technology and solutions. They have recently developed a hygiene and temperature measurement kiosk that features facial and protective mask recognition, dispenses disinfectant and measures temperature and are looking to extend into new markets via distribution or commercial sales agency agreements.



This leading company has been in business for more than twenty-five years manufacturing interactive solutions that bring ideas to life, with hardware and software created with the purpose of engaging, entertaining and educating.
The company has recently created a new product from the Contactless range, a practical, non-contact kiosk with automatic hand sanitizer dispenser, professional display, facial and protective mask recognition, access control and body temperature measurement (alerting the user to the presence or not of a feverish state) that also keeps its users informed about any information, offers and events.
The kiosks are ideal for use on entry to healthcare settings, supermarkets, retail shops, factories, office buildings, transport hubs, schools and universities, restaurants, concert halls, stadiums, cafes, airports, hotels, shopping malls, office buildings and more.
As the current public health situation gradually stabilizes and people are returning to work and leisure activities. this solution operates flawlessly in demanding environments and are invaluable to carry out temperature checks, to help identify illnesses and avoid the spread of viruses.
The wide and dynamic binocular camera makes it possible to adapt reading to people of different heights and ages.
Their specialisms are steel structures lacquered in any RAL color; 8.0" IPS LCD screen; Ethernet and wireless (WIFI); Quad-core RK3288 CPU; 2 million pixel camera, wide and dynamic binocular; quick and accurate measurement of body temperature at 50 cm distance and without touching; facial recognition (with a database of 30,000 IDs and identification of strangers); Identification and validation of the use of a mask; setting the temperature range and alerts.
This Portuguese company is looking to cooperate with distribution companies and commercial agents to expand their kiosk to new markets.

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The Portuguese company can provide the potential partner with a highly experienced team with a proven record of R&D and innovative projects, as well as a continuous investment in the latest techniques and machinery and short lead times for supply. The solution itself delivers the following built-in features: - Possibility to add waiting queue management system by SMS or “Secure Password” voice system, card readers, Scan, QRCode or other peripherals; - Ease of maintenance and replenishment of disinfectant liquid by the customer; - Direct access door to the dispenser, with a 900ml container; - System for fixing to the floor and access to the inside of the kiosk by key; - Definition of alerts and behaviors (audible alerts, alert messages, validation/invalidation of entry).

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Already on the market

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The Portuguese SME is looking for a distributor who has existing routes into the education, health, service, business, smart cities and tourism markets. The distributors would need to secure listings and ensure the ongoing support required to nurture customer relationships. It is essential that any distributor shares the same values as to ensure a successful partnership. A distribution services agreement is sought. The Portuguese company is also open to discuss cooperation with companies acting as commercial sales agents to promote, negotiate or set commercial operation and prefer to work with companies with a strong presence in their countries. In this case, they offer commercial agency agreement.

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SME 11-50,University,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500


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