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Portuguese brand of doll design (fairy) seeks investment partners

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A businesswoman from Aveiro, Portugal is a plastic artist, writer and poet and she created a brand, a drawing of a doll, representing a fairy (similar to Hello Kitty), full of originality, color, moral and ecological. She is looking for partners to develop this brand. Partners for a financial agreement are sought.



Portuguese businesswoman is looking for partners to represent her brand, a drawing of a doll, a fairy, to be used in several articles.
It is an innovative brand, because it is part of a collection of seven books, where the main character, the fairy represents the highest moral principles so necessary to society. Each story has associated several characters, friends, places, constant news and different colors (ex: the first volume is violet because it represents the transformation that the fairy had from a flower for girl for having known herself internally. The second is yellow representing knowledge and with him the fairy receives the wings transforming itself into a complete fairy). Associated with this educational and cultural component, the images illustrating the books are captivating, different, colorful and dynamic, allowing the brand to be explored in various sectors (from fashion, school, household clothes, games and videos, animation and films), making it a strong symbol for society. It is accessible and easy to handle for all ages, especially the younger ones.
The brand can always have many novelties, as the collection has lots of images and each image can be used to make numerous things including sets (such as pen, pencil, case, backpack, rubber or, blouse, jacket and skirt). In relation to other competing brands, it looks like the Hello Kitty, as it is also based on a doll with the difference that this fairy goes further with several friends, places, teachings, books, novelties, reinforcing a solid set capable of surpassing expectations.
Economic benefits may be numerous with the diversification of the exploitation of the brand, and by opting for payments to the author of the brand in royalties, the investment exit losses are minimal. As a brand with so many moral and ecological values, humanitarian aid can also be considered a tax advantage.

Potential applications: Clothing for children and ladies (such as scarves, dresses, blouses, skirts and clothes); shoe applications; school supplies (such as notebooks, notepads, cases, backpacks, pencils, pens, cases); wallets including pocket ones; dolls from the fairy collection that can be made from various materials; dishes (such as mugs, plates and all the inherent material); pillows and household linen (such as curtains, sheets, bedspreads); educational and computer games; movies and cartoons.

This woman seeks funding to support its growth, through financing agreements. She also offers its design.

Target partners are all those capable of boosting, publicizing and investing in the brand for market in the world.

Advantages & innovations

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- It is an innovative brand, because it is part of a collection of seven books, where the the brand is the main character; - Tha brand, a drawing of a doll, represents the highest moral principles so necessary to society; - It can be explored in various sectors; - Versatility, since it can be used in numerous things, including sets (such as pen, pencil, case, backpack, rubber or, blouse, jacket and skirt); - The brand is registered

Technical Specification or Expertise Sought

Cooperation sought: 
All kind of industries that can use the design in their products. The fairy can be used in several materials. Preferably that they have an environmental care.

Partner sought

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Target partners are SME's and investors able to provide financial support. The potential partner will have to support financial investment for the business. The agreement would be with partners would develop the products, and this woman would earn in royalties or the payment for the use of certain brand images for X time.

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SME 11-50


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